The Person Advanced Criteria Window allows you to refine your search by Title, Level and College/Degree among others.

After making selections in the window, you can click the Done button to collapse the window.  If you click Done, all active criteria will now appear with a checkmark next to it.

Done Button for Person Advanced Criteria Window

To de-activate criteria simply click on it so it is no longer checked.  If you see criteria you don't plan on using again, you can clear it by clicking the X next to it. To remove all criteria you do not plan on using again soon, click Remove All.

Remove All Link for Person Criteria Window

Job Function checkboxes

Check the roles you desire from our comprehensive list of corporate roles. When you make a selection, ZoomInfo will search for words and phrases connected to that role in our database.

TIP: Click the arrow to the left of each category for even more specific roles.

TIP: Check multiple titles to broaden your search results.

For more information on using the directories see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.

Management Level

Click a checkbox under management level to select the level of employee you would like to see in the search results. You can click more than one level if desired.

C-Level will limit your results to people at the Chief, President, Owner or Founder level.

VP-Level will limit your results to people at the Vice President level.

Director will limit your results to people at the Director level.

Manager will limit your results to people at the Manager level.

Non-Manager will find employees with whose titles do not contain hierarchical terms.

NOTE: People who lack titles will not appear in any search where a Title Hierarchy selection is made.

Additional Filters

Return only current positions only returns people who currently hold positions that match your search criteria. Please note it only matches against information input in the Job Title keyword field, Company Name keyword field and the Job Function checkboxes.

Return only past positions only returns people who used to hold positions that match your criteria.  Please note it only matches against information input in the Job Title keyword field, Company Name keyword field and the Job Function checkboxes.

Return curent OR past positions will return people who currently and previously held positions that match your criteria.  Please note it only matches against information input in the Job Title keyword field, Company Name keyword field and the Job Function checkboxes.

NOTE: Any person associated with a Defunct Company (determined to no longer be in business) in ZoomInfo will be marked as a past employee of that company.  

Exclude Board Members: by default ZoomInfo will not return board members, to include board members use one of the following:

Include Board Members will return board members as well as other people who meet your criteria.

Return only Board Members will only return board members that meet your criteria.

Include People With Partial Profiles will return people who do not have a company associated with their profile.

TRICK: If you are looking for a needle-in-the-haystack person, choose Include People With Partial Profiles.  The people you find may no longer be where ZoomInfo last saw them, but now you have a name to start with!

Full Name

If you're looking for a specific person, you can enter the person's full name into the field.

Upon doing so, 'All name matches' will be checked. This will return all possible name matches by automatically adjusting several filters:

  • Additional Filters found in the 'Person Advanced Criteria' window to:
    • Return current OR past positions
    • Include Board Members
    • Include People with Partial Profiles
  • Last Update to No Limit, found above search results on the People tab

These filters can then be adjusted individually, or all may be restored to their defaults by unchecking 'All Name Matches'

TIP: If the name search delivers too many results, you can refine those results if you have additional details on the person (such as the company that they work for or their job title)

TRICK: If you only know the first or last name of the person, enter the information you know, along with the company name, to get better results.

NOTE: If none of your results are representative of the person you are looking for, it is possible that the name is not in the ZoomInfo database. Putting search terms in additional fields will not help target that person, as it will only restrict your search further.

If you prefer to access the Person's Name field at the very top of your search, rather than in the Advanced Criteria, click Account in the upper right corner of the page, view your Account Preferences and click Edit and then check off the box that says "Show Person's Name search field at top," and click Save.

For more information on searching for a person by first and last name, see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.


You can search for people who have graduated from certain schools or with certain degrees using the College/Degree field.  Examples:

  • Northwestern OR Kellogg
  • Art OR Graphic Design

Web Reference Keywords

Use the Web References field to target specific keywords mentioned in the context of a candidate's name. These keywords might be skill sets, specialties or experiences that do not appear in a person's title, but rather in a corporate biography or news article describing the person's job duties, responsibilities or other relevant occupational information.

Looking for engineers with a niche experience in aerospace? Try:

  • Title: engineer OR engineering
  • Web Reference Keywords: aerospace

Looking for advertising/marketing consultants with a specialty in consumer packaged goods? Try:

  • Title: consultant OR consulting
  • Industry: advertising OR marketing
  • Web References: "consumer packaged goods"

Looking for UK division Microsoft employees? Try:

  • Company Name: Microsoft
  • Web Reference Keywords: "Microsoft UK"

Web References Tips and Tricks

TIP: Use quotation marks around your search phrase to ensure that the exact phrase will be returned in the search results with the words in that exact order.

TRICK: Use relevant details in a person's Web References as conversation-starters

TRICK: Take note of other people mentioned on the same Web References for networking and reference checking

TRICK: Use a person's Web References to help identify company divisions and international locales

People mentioned on website (URL)

To find professionals who are mentioned on a particular website, enter the website URL into the field. For example, to find members of the National Black MBA Association, enter

TIP: Another way to find association members is to search the Company Name field for the name of the organization.

Country Code is Connecting IP is