When you click on a Company to view its profile it will open as a new tab. As you view multiple profiles you are able to navigate back to profiles you viewed previously by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top of the tab.

To remove a profile from the profiles tab click the X next to that specific profile.

To remove all stored profiles click the X at the top right of the Profiles tab.

A number of tools are available on every company profile.  Use these tools to add the company to a list, print the summary, view all people associated with the company, view the subsidiaries and view similar companies.

NOTE: ZoomInfo may not always know all people, all subsidiaries or all similar companies.

Add to List

Click Add to List to save the company into a new or existing list.  You can access these lists at a later date by clicking the Lists link at the top of the page.


Click Print to create a printer-friendly version of the ZoomInfo summary that can be printed using your web browser's print function.

Products and Services

The Products and Services links provide a quick and easy way to search for companies in similar industries.  By clicking one of these links ZoomInfo will execute a company industry keyword search for that product or service.  For example, if there is a link on a profile that says nutritional products, clicking the link will provide a list of companies that have something to do with nutrional products.


People on a Company Profile

ZoomInfo breaks down the people associated with the company by Management Level and Job Function.

Click Set Alert to receive an alert when information changes about anyone at the company.  For more on using Alerts, click here.

To see the people who fall into a specific area, click on the link desired.  You can also click on the link that says All people verified to see all employees from that company.

Subsidiaries (All)

ZoomInfo will display some of the subsidiaries for the company.  Click the (All) link to see all subsidiaries of that company.

Similar Companies (All)

ZoomInfo will display some companies it believes to be similar to the company you are viewing. Click the (All) link to see a larger list of similar companies ZoomInfo has found.  ZoomInfo may not find similar companies for small companies that have not been mentioned on multiple web pages.

Mergers & Acquisitions

ZoomInfo will list companies involved in merger and acquisition activity with the company profile you are viewing.

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