When you choose to export lists they can be retrieved and accessed at any time in the future by clicking the Lists link at the top of ZoomInfo Pro and then Exported Lists.

You will see the names of your saved export lists, the total number of records in the list, the option to retrieve the list or get more records, and the date the list was created.

NOTE: The export function is not available for ZoomInfo Community Edition members. To upgrade to ZoomInfo Pro and purchase export credits, click here.

NOTE: The maximum number of records that can be exported at one time is 100,000.

NOTE: The 97-2003 version of Microsoft Excel supports a maximum of 65,536 rows/records. If you are using this version of Excel, please ensure that your list has fewer than 65,536 records.

NOTE: If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer, equivalent text editing applications that support the .csv file format, such as Notepad, can be used.


Get List

Clicking Get List prompts you to either open the list or save it to your computer. Your data will open as a .CSV file that can be saved as a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Get List and Get More buttons

Get More

Clicking Get More will rerun your original search and allow you to export additional records that match your initial search criteria.  This will only apply for exports that originated from a search.  If you exported from a saved Person or Company List, you will not see the Get More button.

For more information on exporting lists please see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.

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