To view saved lists of Companies click the Company Lists link on the Lists page. To view the actual records saved click the name of the List in the box on the left.

To select all profiles on a page of search results, click the Select Page button in the tool bar above the column headings.

You can also clear your selections by clicking the Deselect button to the right of the Select Page button.

TIP: To rename your list click the / symbol next to the list name on the left.

TIP: To delete your list click the x symbol next to the list name on the left.

Company List Tools

Find People

After selecting records, clicking Find People returns a list of all people associated with that company. You can then refine the list using any of the Search criteria on the left.


After selecting records, clicking Copy allows you to copy the records into a new or existing list.


After selecting records, clicking Remove allows you to remove the records from the list.


Clicking Export allows you to export one or more selected records from ZoomInfo in a spreadsheet format. After selecting profiles, click on Export and a box will appear with three exporting selections: The records selected, A list of, and All. Make your selection and click Export List. Your data will open as a .CSV file that can be saved as a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

If you wish to also include records you have exported previously, click the box that says Include previously exported records.

To retrieve your exported list click the Exported Lists link in the upper left.

See Working With Exported Lists for more information on how to retrieve your list.

NOTE: The maximum number of records that can be exported at one time is 100,000.


Click Print to create a printer-friendly version of the ZoomInfo summary that can be printed using your web browser's print function.

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