ZoomInfo Alerts allow you to follow updates made to profiles in the database.  You can set alerts on a single person's profile, or on specific search criteria to receive notification when updates have occurred.

Setting a person alert

Setting People Alerts

People alerts allow you to track a certain person and receive an alert when information about that person changes. To set an alert on a person click into their profile and click Set Alert.

Significant Employment Updates will only generate an alert when their title or company changes.

Any updates will generate an alert when any information about the person changes or a new web reference is added.


Setting Search Alerts

Search alerts allow you to track peopleSetting a Search Alert who meet certain criteria (such as an Industry, Company or Title among others) and receive an alert when information changes about people who now meet or no longer meet the criteria. Examples:

  • CEOs leaving or joining software companies in Massachusetts
  • People leaving or joining Microsoft
  • People joining the Human Resources profession

To set a Search Alert, run your search as normal using the ZoomInfo search criteria on the left side of the page.  Once you have your list of results, click Set Alert at the top and give your alert a name.  Any future data updates that apply to this search will be displayed on your Alerts page.

Alert Limits

Alerts can be set when the search result is 15,000 records or less.

You can set up to 100 Search alerts and up to 250 Person alerts at a time.  If you need to remove an alert you no longer need, click on Alerts at the top of screen, and then click the X to the right of the alert you would like deleted.

For more information on using alerts, please see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.

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