The Alerts page allows you to see recent alerts as well as your active Saved Alerts.

The People Alerts and Search Alerts boxes

These boxes show you which Saved Alerts are active.  Click on the alert name to see all alerts for that specific search or person.

To rename an alert click the gray pencil to the right of the Saved Alert name.

To delete a specific People or Search alert so it doesn't trigger in the future, click the gray x to the right of the Saved Alert name.

The Main Alerts windowEditing the name of or deleting an Alert

The alerts window allows you to see alert notifications from today and this week. Click Print if you would like a hard copy of these results. Click Next to view the next page of alerts or Last to view the last page.

Click Delete to remove specific alerts from your account.

The first column is the date the person's information was updated in ZoomInfo.

The second column includes the person's name and the details of what changed about the person's employment.

For more information on using alerts, please see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.

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