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ZoomInfo Debuts New Business Information Platform, Unveils Ground-breaking Advancements to Proprietary Technology

Bolsters coverage of businesses and employees, introduces only system that includes Web-crawled, community-contributed and user-updated content

September 21, 2010 — Waltham, MA - Completing a series of innovative advancements to its patented systems that collect, match and continuously update information on five million businesses and 50 million employees, ZoomInfo ( today announced a new platform that fills stark voids in the business-information market left by outdated information and limited search functionality.

With its new platform, ZoomInfo is solving the challenges data providers face: keeping up with rapidly changing business information, satisfying the increasing demand for data on small and medium-sized businesses and providing highly searchable content that goes beyond business card basics. With sweeping improvements to its core technology and one-of-a-kind content-collection processes, the company is providing businesspeople with constantly analyzed and verified business information that spans organizations of all sizes and types. Upgraded search and alerting tools allow users to quickly pinpoint contacts based on compelling criteria (such as industry, territory and 20 other search fields) and even attributes like specific experience, board affiliations, college attended and personal interests.

"Our game-changing investments in technology set a new standard for the business information industry," said Sam Zales, president, ZoomInfo. "In addition, we've experienced significant growth in acquisition and retention of customers who work on sales and marketing teams and our new platform helps us build on that momentum."

At the heart of ZoomInfo's new platform is the ZoomInfo™ Database, created by a stable of sophisticated Web-crawling and analysis functions, community-contributed contacts provided by users and information from users who update their own profiles.

Russell Perkins, founder of InfoCommerce Group, an international consulting and research firm with deep expertise in how data is leveraged in businesses, said, "ZoomInfo rocked the data publishing business when it first released its product that matched people and company data from multiple online sources with remarkable precision. With this new suite of applications, ZoomInfo is applying this same creativity to making its data easier to access, integrate and act on."

ZoomInfo's new platform will power a suite of applications designed for businesspeople in sales, marketing, business development and recruiting:

  • ZoomInfo™ Directory, a free and constantly updated business directory of organizations and employees with "results as you type" instant search functionality.
  • ZoomInfo™ Pro, a powerful new software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that includes advanced searching and alerts, targeted by business or a person's name.
  • ZoomInfo™ Community Edition, which will provide free access to fee-based tools to users who share information about their contacts.
  • ZoomInfo™ CRM, which allows access to the ZoomInfo Database through CRM systems such as Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce.
  • ZoomInfo™ Enterprise Solutions, which provide organizations with customized ZoomInfo solutions catered to the unique needs of sales, marketing, research and data management teams.

Over the next few weeks, the company will announce more details about the applications.

Among ZoomInfo's technology investments that vastly improve coverage and accuracy of businesses and employees, especially small-to-medium sized businesses, are:

  • Enhancements to its patented crawling technology – ZoomInfo's Web crawler that constantly finds and intelligently "reads" thousands of news articles, news wires, SEC documents and more than 4 million company and other sites, including management team pages.
  • Upgrades to proprietary matching engines – the company's technology that cleans and verifies data, removes duplicate records and ensures newly discovered information is added to the correct company or employee profile.
  • Improvements to proprietary "profile-creating" engines – ZoomInfo's software that automatically creates business and employee profiles and determines when and how they need to be updated. Now, ZoomInfo can make updates more frequently. Every day, 2,000 new companies and 25,000 new employees are added, and 15,000 companies and 250,000 employee records are updated.
  • Implementation of contribution technology – a new system that allows individuals to easily contribute their own contacts without having to manually upload them (in exchange, users receive free access to fee-based tools).

About ZoomInfo

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