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New ZoomInfo Service Tests Email Addresses To Verify Deliverability

TUESDAY, 04 OCTOBER 2011 14:19 -

ZoomInfo, a leading provider of business contact data, today announced a service designed to help BtoB email marketers improve deliverability, as well as avoid blacklisting and other problems associated with high bounce rates.

ZoomInfo Email Address Validator is designed to test every email address in a customer's database (without sending actual messages) to confirm deliverability. The service returns the customer's file with all invalid email addresses and spam traps tagged for easy removal or replacement, along with a detailed report. ZoomInfo's data experts also can remove all invalid addressees, replace outdated information with correct data and help marketers find more buyers by adding new contacts and appending other missing data to existing records.

While testing the new service on a list provided by one of its existing customers — a global provider of workforce management solutions — ZoomInfo found that nearly 63% of the email addresses were invalid, which is a common problem for marketers.

"Because of the high rate of change in the business world, we found it necessary to use the same process at least every 90 days on the ZoomInfo Database of 50 million business people and five million companies," said Yonathan Stern, CEO ZoomInfo "And we're thinking about doing it even more often."

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