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ZoomInfo Opens Business Information Search Engine to B2B Advertisers Cited by Nielson/NetRatings as the Fastest Growing Network

June 25, 2007 – Waltham, Mass. – According to Nielson/NetRatings, with 275% annual growth, ZoomInfo is the fastest growing network in the country, closely followed by YouTube at 271%. Now, through an agreement with to serve syndicated ads across its business information search engine, ZoomInfo enables business-to-business marketers to have direct access to over 4.5 million unique monthly visitors. Marketers will now be able to target a highly coveted business audience, based on searches for product categories, companies, industries and more.

Enquiro, a search engine marketing firm that provides search marketing and usability consulting specifically tailored for B2B marketers, recently conducted an in-depth study of online usage by B2B buyers. Enquiro's research found that 63% of B2B buyers start with a search engine and 85% use a search engine at some point during their buying process. However, according to Enquiro, more than one third of those B2B buyers could not find everything they were looking for via traditional search.

In April, ZoomInfo unveiled its new site to address the specific needs of business information searchers. users are business people looking for comprehensive information on industries, companies, people, products and services. ZoomInfo delivers highly relevant results that are optimized for its business-oriented audience. Whereas traditional search engines treat a search for "enterprise router" as a set of keywords and return a mixed-bag of results, ZoomInfo's semantic search technology understands that "enterprise router" is a unique business concept – in this case a product – and returns a list of companies that compete in the enterprise router business.

With its partnership with, is opening a powerful B2B marketing platform to online advertisers. ZoomInfo's business users, coupled with the search engine's highly relevant results, create a high impact opportunity for B2B advertisers. users average about 15.5 million business-oriented searches each month. Through the new relationship with, B2B advertisers will be able to place targeted advertising next to these highly focused business searches.

"Until now, B2B search engine marketing has been drowned out by consumer keyword ads on traditional search engines," said Bryan Burdick, COO of ZoomInfo. "Enquiro's research proves that B2B buyers are committed to the process of looking online for vendors, but it's a painful process because traditional search engines don't cater to their needs. ZoomInfo understands this, and has delivered a search engine designed with the business user in mind. And now, we're addressing the distinct needs of B2B marketers who need to deliver their messages to a highly targeted, valuable, audience. In the coming months, we expect to announce more opportunities designed to help these marketers further reach that audience."

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