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Lou Adler Partners with ZoomInfo to Promote Best Practice Sourcing Techniques

March 15, 2006 - Irvine, CA - The Adler Group is teaming up with ZoomInfo, a leader in passive candidate information search tools, to co-promote services to Fortune 500 clients and a national audience of corporate recruiters, announced President Lou Adler.

ZoomInfo is sponsoring The Adler Group, a leading training and consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies worldwide make hiring top talent a systematic business process. Under the sponsorship agreement, The Adler Group will produce an exclusive "Recruiter's eHandbook" for ZoomInfo, and a series of informational training conference calls and Webinars, including training during Lou Adler's "Recruiter Boot Camp" workshops.

The Adler Group and ZoomInfo will also execute cross-promotional activities, including joint publishing of content on websites, newsletters, live presentations, events and email campaigns targeted to a broad recruiting audience.

Lou Adler says, "We are big believers in the ZoomInfo service," explains Adler. "Our Performance-based Hiringsm philosophy builds on sourcing the best candidates, and utilizing the most effective sourcing tools like the unique product ZoomInfo offers. It's a win-win opportunity to align our great training with a great recruiting tool that is emerging as an industry standard with corporate recruiters nationwide."

"We are thrilled to be branding ZoomInfo along side the professional experience and capabilities of author and trainer Lou Adler in 2006," says Russ Glass, vice president of products and marketing at ZoomInfo. "Lou is a legend in the corporate recruiting world for good reason - he's been successfully recruiting for and consulting the Fortune 500 on how to recruit talent for years. Combine his knowledge delivered via Webinars, joint marketing efforts for both live and online workshops along with the Recruiter eHandbook he created on how to identify, contact and call passive candidates, and we have a deep array of invaluable promotions to demonstrate the unique value of ZoomInfo to corporate recruiters."

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