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25 Million Searchable Summaries of People Information With New ZoomInfo

Summarization Search Engine Creates Individual Summaries of People, Searchable by Name, Company or University

Mar. 21, 2005 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc. (formerly Eliyon Technologies Corporation), the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information, today launched ZoomInfo (, with 25 million individual summaries of information about people. ZoomInfo allows users to "Zoom-In" on their Web identities and quickly and easily see a summarized version of what the Web says about them, which they can then register as their own, update, and correct. Users can "Zoom-In" on colleagues, business partners, customers, potential employers, job candidates or even dates. Users can search by a person's name, with or without a company, and can also search for lists of all the summaries for employees of a specific company, alumni of a university or all the people ever mentioned on a certain Web site. People can also go to ZoomInfo to create new summaries, thus creating their own Web sites.

Zoom Information announced today, in a separate press release (Eliyon Technologies Corp. Changes Name to Zoom Information, Inc.), that it changed its name from Eliyon Technologies Corporation. Zoom Information has operated as Eliyon since 2000, and built a successful subscription business in people search for enterprise customers.

"Tens of millions of people use general purpose search engines every day to look for information about people, and what they get are links to pages that include that name. If you happen to have a name like Mary Johnson or John Smith, your chances of showing up in the first few pages of a general search on your name are nil," said Jonathan Stern, founder and CEO of Zoom Information. "ZoomInfo summarizes the information on all those pages into individual documents -- summaries. Each summary is about a specific John Smith or Mary Johnson. Now your search is about people, not about words. Each summary organizes all the sources of information found on you from all over the Internet. The summaries include companies you worked for, positions you held, your education and other business affiliations."

ZoomInfo reads hundreds of millions of Web pages and extracts information about people and companies. Natural language processing algorithms identify all the pieces of data that relate to any individual person, company or other entity, and then ZoomInfo condenses data from potentially thousands of related documents into individual, concise reference summaries that can be searched to answer the user's query. The automated summarization process enables ZoomInfo to create 500,000 new summaries and update three million existing profiles each month, a rate that could not be achieved using human editors.

"ZoomInfo is a great tool it is also a great way to begin the networking process and find a tremendous amount of information on various industries or companies," said Carl Lopes, vice president at Staples, Inc.

ZoomInfo's new people search is a free product built with the technology that made ZoomInfo one of the sourcing tools of choice for recruiters at 100 companies of the Fortune 500, and at hundreds of executive recruiting firms, including four of the top five. ZoomInfo's subscription business has grown steadily since first being offered in 2002, and is expected to continue the company's cash-flow-positive performance. In the fourth quarter of 2004, ZoomInfo's revenue nearly doubled compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Leading search and content providers including,, Lycos and The Wall Street Journal's also distribute ZoomInfo's people search.

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