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Eliyon Technologies Launches Groundbreaking Web Data Extraction Technology

October 23, 2001 - Cambridge, Mass. - Eliyon Technologies (, has developed a groundbreaking technology that extracts information about people and companies from the Internet and creates a searchable database.

By using natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology, Eliyon's system reads nearly every news article, press release, company Web site, and SEC filing published on the Web. Eliyon extracts specific information about people and companies (name, title, company information, previous employment and education) and organizes the information into distinct profiles for each person in our database by combining multiple mentions into a single record. This eliminates the process of users having to preview hundreds of page results.

"Extracting information from a sentence is very tricky for a computer," explains Michel Décary, Chief Scientist at Eliyon Technologies. "A simple dictionary and understanding the rules of English grammar is not enough, since the meaning is often contextual. The technology we have developed enables the computer to actually read and comprehend such sentences."

Every day, the system extracts about half a million records about people. After the data is extracted, the system goes through what is called the data integration process. The new extracted information is combined with the existing database. When the computer matches new information with an existing record, the profile is updated. If the computer can't match the information with an existing record, a new profile will be created. Currently, there are 6 million personal profiles and half a million companies in the database.

Guided by a list of query fields, end users are able to search by title, company name, company descriptor, individual name, company location or even schooling. Guided by the theory of 'less is more' the fewer search fields used, the broader the results. Users can then refine their searches results.

Each individual profile contains as much information as was available on the Web. This includes:

  • Current employment
  • Past employment
  • Educational background
  • Company information (Name, address, phone, Web URL, and short company description)
  • Links to the Web pages from which the information was gathered.

The links to the source articles allows users to access the original Web pages so they can obtain any additional background information and see the process of how the information was gathered.

"At the root of every business transaction are people. Underlying B2B is P2P, People to People," says Jonathan Stern, President and CEO of Eliyon Technologies. "And finding the right person or people is key to an expeditious and successful deal. This is a paramount need that Eliyon fills. Eliyon really excels in hard to find important people like mid level management at large companies."

"Eliyon gives us access to information in seconds that would normally take a morning of intensive work to assemble," adds Gordon Mackey of Whitehead Mann Recruiters. "With Eliyon, we gain a complete view of the market in terms of potential candidates and sources. It's become a 'must have' resource for our office."

"There is so much to do in many areas of the system, but the fast pace of continuous improvements done in the last two years makes me enthusiastic about the future," concludes Michel Décary, Eliyon's Chief Scientist. "Eliyon has filed for 7 international patents for its crawlers, natural language processing, Bayesian engine algorithms and other parts of the system. With this strong scientific and technical basis, we have a strong foundation for future expansion and improvements,"

Eliyon is a subscription-based service. Clients are able to choose from a variety of options, including a daily, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. Additional seats can always be purchased for additional users in the company.

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