How the ZoomInfo Mobile App for Sales Can Help Your Business

The sales and marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last year. At least 25% of you are reading this article from your smartphone—on the go or from your home office. You’re selling from your home office, too. 

With hybrid or fully remote models now the norm for you and your customers, the need to stay “mobile” and flexible is more imperative than ever.

ZoomInfo’s Mobile App for sales professionals puts the convenience of instantaneous access to actionable, high-quality B2B data in your back pocket. Whether you need to access contact information before a call or meeting, want to sift through a list of companies and employees, review account funding history, or check out the social pages of your key prospects, the ZoomInfo Mobile App has you covered.

There’s plenty more where that came from, so allow us to expand on the benefits. Read on!

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Sales App

1. Access Always-on Data Intelligence on Your Portable Device 

Graphic depicting ZoomInfo mobile app.

With ZoomInfo’s Mobile App, you can quickly and easily access the power of ZoomInfo’s B2B platform from your smartphone or iPad. Now you can gather intel on a prospect or company of interest and grab direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses right from the palm of your hand.

If you’re looking for an ice-breaker for a conversation with a prospect, want to read through their employment history, or see any mentions in web articles to learn more about them—that’s here for you as well. 

At the company level, you can dive into corporate news around awards, events, mergers & acquisitions, and press releases. You can even explore a list of employees, employee counts, funding history, department budgets, technologies, and identify other companies similar to the account you care about.

2. Prepare for Calls and Meetings at Your Convenience, from Anywhere

Graphic depicting ZoomInfo's mobile app.

As you grab your pre-meeting coffee, the ZoomInfo Mobile App makes it easy for you to browse through detailed briefs of attendees and dial in with the added advantage and confidence of accurate, highly personalized information on folks of interest. 

The app’s interface and experience is designed to keep you up-to-date on accounts and prospects with a scrollable, real-time feed on projects, news, funding, leadership changes, buyer intent, and more.

Christopher Claunch, Vice President, Solutions Division at Cri Advantage says, “I’ll use the ZoomInfo Mobile App when I’m on the go or even at my desk because it’s great when you can multitask, especially to prepare ahead of a big meeting. Plus, the UX is extraordinary. It helps me find someone’s contact and company details really quick.”

Why thank you—we agree.

3. Check Key Tasks Off Your Prospecting List, On the Go

Graphic depicting ZoomInfo's mobile app.

If you’re on your way to an offsite and need to access contact or company data, you can use your portable device without having to pull out your laptop. You can also initiate a call or send an email to a prospect directly from the ZoomInfo Mobile App. 

If you’re not ready to make the call, export contact and company information to your CRM, like Salesforce, so that you can access all of your important information when you get back to your more stationary work environment.

In a nutshell, the ZoomInfo Mobile App encompasses all that can be achieved in an era of remote prospecting.