ZoomInfo Brings its Data and Features Straight into Dynamics 365

Sales reps and marketers that use ZoomInfo and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are about to see their day-to-day lives get easier thanks to a new collaboration between the two companies.

At the heart of this relationship is a new ZoomInfo application for Dynamics 365. This integration allows customers to accelerate their sales and marketing efforts by using ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data while never leaving Dynamics 365.

“Bringing the full suite of ZoomInfo directly into Microsoft Dynamics has been a constant request from our customers,” says Henry Schuck, CEO at ZoomInfo. “Delivering our data, insights, and technology enables sellers and marketers to be more effective and efficient when they are engaging with prospects and customers and building demand and lead generation campaigns.”

Figure 1: Access the power of ZoomInfo from within Dynamics 365.
Figure 1: Access the power of ZoomInfo from within Dynamics 365.

Features of the Dynamics Integration with ZoomInfo

It is common for sales and marketing professionals who use Dynamics 365 to have the customer relationship management (CRM) system open constantly because it is such an integral part of their work.

“CRM systems act as a home base for sellers. It is the system of record where the majority of sales-related activities are entered and managed,” says Sneh Kakileti, head of enterprise products at ZoomInfo. Previously, these same sales reps needed to leave their home base to search for prospects and build opportunity pipelines. 

“Now we’re bringing the sales intelligence directly to the sellers,” Kakileti explains of the new setup. “With our ZoomInfo for Microsoft Dynamics application, we’ve streamlined sales workflows. Reps will spend less time prospecting and more time selling.”  

Among those features coming straight to customers of both resources are the following:

  • The new application itself, which gives users access to find the most up-to-date B2B contact and account information within Dynamics 365.
  • Dynamics 365 Connector, which lets customers push ZoomInfo data directly into Dynamics. This setup bolsters the ability of sales and marketing teams to prospect and close efficiently.  
  • ZoomInfo Enrich, an automated feature that updates and appends data records.

What This Looks Like for Customers

Let’s briefly illustrate how the features of this new Dynamics integration come to life for customers. 

Suppose a sales rep in the health IT industry who uses both ZoomInfo and Dynamics 365 finds a new prospect at a target account. The original record of the prospect in Dynamics 365 might show only the name, title, and healthcare facility that the person works at.

With the new ZoomInfo application, reps are able to update the record using ZoomInfo’s data while remaining within Dynamics 365, thus not wasting time toggling between applications. Not only are reps eliminating data decay within Dynamics 365, but they now have the prospect’s up-to-date contact information (including mobile number), the tech stack used by the healthcare facility, and upcoming IT projects there.

Figure 2: With ZoomInfo, update lead, contact or account records in Dynamics to ensure you have the freshest data possible.
Figure 2: With ZoomInfo, update lead, contact, or account records in Dynamics to ensure you have the freshest data possible.

“An integration like this is highly impactful for sales and marketing,” says Katie Landaal, vice president of strategic alliances at ZoomInfo. “Not only does it create efficiencies, but it also allows for the user to work effortlessly through things like daily prospecting, audience targeting, and overall account management. It’s like a symphony of workflows rather than the notes all sounding out of key.”

Without ever leaving Dynamics 365, reps can explore Org Charts to connect with decision-makers, find a fuller picture of the target account, and immediately begin crafting a message to the right buyer that reflects insight gained from the data. The rep saves time and increases sales workflow efficiency using the CRM and data resources together in a seamless experience.

Competitive Advantage for Reps

The success of modern sales and marketing efforts is a combination of speed and accurate information.

ZoomInfo’s new Dynamics integration allows sales to pursue prospects quicker and update contacts while having in-depth data about target and existing accounts.

WIth ZoomInfo’s features now available directly within the Dynamics 365 platform, marketing and sales professionals have a trove of resources on one screen, allowing them to more efficiently grow their business and stay ahead of competitors.