What’s New: Smart Filter Additions, Technologies Updates, Email Exports

ZoomInfo’s “1% better” mentality isn’t just a value embraced by our employees. We also strive to make our platform 1% better everyday so that your team can more effectively find top job candidates, sales prospects, and marketing leads.

It’s all made possible by customer feedback and hard work from our engineering and product teams. And this month, we’ve got a fresh batch of new features and critical updates. Watch the video below, and read on for an overview of what’s new at ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo Talent

ZoomInfo Talent has new smart filters that help you narrow your search to find best-fit candidates based on specific experience and criteria. 

These smart filter categories include candidate experience at certain types of companies — from Fortune 500s to startups — along with other “Likely to Listen” attributes like companies with low employee growth rate or frequent job changes.

ZoomInfo Talent also has a redesigned search experience, making filters more prominent and easier to view.  

ZoomInfo Sales

We’re giving you more ways to uncover your target prospects with updates to our Technologies feature. Now, ZoomInfo Sales users can see whether a company uses a competitor’s product, a complementary product to your solution, or no product at all, providing valuable insight into the best approach for each prospect.

Whether you’re searching by company size and industry or buyer intent data, these attributes can be found in Advanced Search, and help you pinpoint which companies to target.

Recent updates to this feature ensure consistently accurate signals, greater granularity, and more frequent improvements and updates.


Engage has two new features: an Export Modal and Alternate Email Addresses.

This feature prompts recruiters to select which email addresses they’d like to export for candidates, giving them the ability to expand outreach options and more efficiently reach top talent.

We’ll continue to update you on our latest product enhancements, and if you’re curious about other recent improvements we’ve made, you can find our What’s New at ZoomInfo video series here.