What is The Pipeline, anyway? A note from our editor

The stories of work are the stories of our lives. 

For so many of us, work is how we learn to reach new heights and push past disappointments. It’s where we forge lasting relationships and build a future for our loved ones. Our work determines where we live, how we socialize, and whether we’re fulfilled or frustrated.

Our work isn’t everything. But it means a lot.

At The Pipeline, our new publication from ZoomInfo, the goal is simple: Help sales, marketing and recruiting professionals get the most out of their work.

We’ll do that by delivering strategic advice, tactical guidance, and step-by-step plays that address the constantly shifting challenges of the modern workforce. 

We’ll connect you with inspiring and intriguing people, and keep you up to date with the latest news and trends affecting your work life.

The Pipeline is more than a corporate blog. We’ll leverage the insights and expertise of ZoomInfo’s world-class go-to-market platform and professionals, but we aren’t the main character of this story. You are. 

We want to hear your stories: your wins and losses, your bright ideas, the unforgettable characters you’ve met along the way. And we’ll connect you with a broader community of like-minded professionals who know that meaningful work comes from meaningful relationships.

The Pipeline is for anyone fighting for attention. For the professionals trying to connect with their next best prospect, launch a marketing campaign, or find the perfect candidate. 

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s get to work.

Meghan Barr, Senior Director of Content