Introducing ZoomInfo +

Business leaders depend on the conversations that sales reps are having with prospects to grow their pipeline and stoke their go-to-market engine. 

Yet while 82 percent of buyers accept meetings with sellers who proactively reach out, 58 percent of them say these meetings are not valuable, according to Rain Group.

What’s missing from these and other interactions? Many companies lack easy access to valuable insights that inform sales conversations in real-time.

We’re solving that problem with our acquisition of, an industry leader in conversation intelligence. Conversation Intelligence delivers insights from sales calls, virtual meetings, and video conferences by recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales meetings to deliver deep AI insights. Chorus leverages next-generation natural language processing and voice analytics to give clients a full picture of every digital interaction.

Coupled with ZoomInfo, Chorus will surface deep insights about deal participants and buying committees, and execute automated campaigns via triggered keyword mentions. Revenue teams will get the insights they need for strategic onboarding and coaching opportunities. The entire organization can make better decisions by surfacing insights and analytics that you would only get if you sat in on every sales or customer success call. 

Fast-Track Sales Enablement

Sales managers give feedback and share their expertise to onboard and coach their sales reps. Conversation Intelligence takes this enablement to a new level.

Reduce onboarding ramp time 

As your sales reps jump into a selling space and tackle stakeholders’ questions and objections, the better prepared they are, the more likely they are to lead a successful call.

ZoomInfo + Chorus will allow managers to prepare reps for the most challenging conversations. That includes using top performers’ sales recordings to isolate winning responses and accessing org charts to understand key stakeholders’ roles.

Simplify coaching 

Sales reps generate an astounding volume of conversation data. However, providing the most effective feedback requires sifting through these recordings and identifying the problem areas. 

With ZoomInfo + Chorus, sales managers will bring context to their coaching by pulling advanced, real-time insights from buyer conversations. 

At the same time, enablement leaders will track coaching sessions to encourage and support their managers.

Screenshot of ZoomInfo+Chorus platform

Measure what matters 

Measuring sales solely by “vanity” numbers — the number of calls made or emails sent — misses the metrics that indicate what’s working and leading to closed deals.

ZoomInfo + Chorus will allow you to understand onboarding and coaching effectiveness and how individual and team scores improve over time.

Tap into Conversation Intelligence Org-Wide

In the past year, much has changed in the way B2B companies sell. Most notably, 83 percent of B2B leaders believe switching to digital omnichannel buying environments proved effective for reaching prospects and securing new business. 

This breakaway from traditional face-to-face sales means more conversations are creating mineable data trails. As a result, businesses need a platform to collect and analyze conversation and company data to inform their go-to-market strategy

Sales teams

For the sales team, forecasting the pipeline based on conversation and intent data—versus a hunch—is critical for supporting the overall revenue growth. 

For instance, a sales rep may predict that an account is on track to close: the company is a good fit, has a champion, and the objections are manageable. But the sales conversations include “deal-risk” language (e.g., mentioning a competitor and not having buy-in from critical stakeholders). 

With the combined power of ZoomInfo + Chorus, sales reps will base their forecast on facts and assess deals using customer sentiment and company insights.

Marketing teams 

Marketers can tap into insights from customer conversations to inform their marketing campaigns. Information from these sales calls can help marketing teams shape more accurate and successful campaigns based on expressed customer needs. 

For example, with ZoomInfo + Chorus, if a customer mentions a new use case, product marketing teams will dig deeper into intent data to inform a product update and the supporting marketing collateral. 

Customer success teams 

Customer success specialists can start the onboarding relationship right where the sales team left off, with insights that ensure renewals. With access to real-time data about the account—from the newly-appointed CIO to the latest funding round—the customer success specialist can transition the buyer seamlessly to their team. Here’s how it works:

Know the customer’s buying journey.  

ZoomInfo + Chorus Conversation Intelligence will give the customer success rep critical information about the buyer, such as where the deal hit a snag and the intelligence the sales team used to pull the deal over the line. They’ll also know how sales addressed the customer’s questions and objections throughout the buying process. 

Provide support that drives renewals. 

ZoomInfo + Chorus will provide data from conversations and companies to inform and secure the customer success/buyer relationship. Even if the competition comes knocking around renewal time, your customer will more likely renew and upgrade their contract.

Bringing Intelligence to the Conversation

With more sales conversations happening in a digital format (versus non-recordable face-to-face meetings), revenue teams have a goldmine of conversation data to inform their sales enablement and go-to-market strategies. Businesses need to collect, analyze and enrich this data as sales calls occur.

That’s where ZoomInfo + Chorus comes in—we’re bringing a powerful combination of sales conversation insights and B2B intelligence to fuel your pipeline.