Follow news to inform campaigns

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As the economy fluctuates, new opportunities arise. Monitor the news to target segments of the market that have been affected by headwinds or tailwinds.

Identify companies in your ideal customer profile that may be impacted by current events, legislation, or market trends. Send a tailored email message identifying the situation and offering assistance or materials that show how to take advantage of available resources — and your solutions. By staying in tune with economic trends, you can better position your product as a relevant and timely solution to prospects’ business challenges. 


  • Recent market developments (e.g. federal spending programs, regulatory changes, or major market fluctuations)


  • Create a campaign targeting a market segment affected by an economic or market development

“There is a known subtelty and confidence that can help conversion rates when you’re calling a pool of people who are most likely in the market for your product or solution.”

Brian Vital, VP of sales development, ZoomInfo