How To Use Sales Dialers To Close Deals Faster

Imagine having to call 50-100 people in a day. All of those numbers, voicemails, busy signals, etc. It sounds crazy right? And imagine doing it with no help from technology. It’s just you and the phone. 

While dialing a list of phone numbers might not sound that complicated, it’s a lot more nuanced than just going down an alphabetized list of names. 

You might not think that automatic sales dialers have that much to offer you. We’re here to tell you — think again. 

What Is A Sales Dialer?

A sales dialer is pretty much what it sounds like: technology that automatically dials numbers for salespeople. Dialers will load a list of people that you want to contact, automatically dial their phone number for you, and move on to the next name on the list as soon as you hang up. Basically, a dialer takes the manual part out of the cold calling process. 

If you’re staring at the computer with a quizzical look on your face right now, you wouldn’t be alone. What’s the point? How long can it take to dial a phone number yourself? Why do we need technology that does that for us? Has automation gone too far? Before you click out of this tab, consider the following. 

You’re a sales representative. You don’t have just one customer you’re trying to engage with. You have hundreds. Thousands, maybe. And all of them need to hear from you. How do you prioritize? Also, I’m no math whiz, but if you add up the amount of time you spend manually dialing numbers, I’d say it would add up. Here’s where the sales dialer comes in. It can 

  • Compile lists of customers at the key point in the life cycle
  • Automatically put customers on a call list
  • Automatically dial their numbers at the right time

How Sales Dialers Help Close Deals Faster

Sales dialers save you time and take out the chance for manual error. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few ways sales dialers allow your sales team to close more deals, fast.

1. Dialers Can Tell You When To Reach Out

Integrated dialers do more than just type in numbers for you. They can actually tell you when it’s time to reach out to an existing customer when integrated properly. For example, if a customer is approaching the 11th month in their 12 month contract, they’re either thinking about resigning or going with another provider. Either way, it’s time for you to reach out. And when you have hundreds of customers reaching that 11 month mark, you’ll be happy you have a sales dialer. 

2. Improved Conversions

You know that text you keep meaning to respond to? Or that person you keep meaning to call back, but always forget to? Think of a sales dialer as your reminder to call back all of those leads that never got back to you. Maybe their lines were busy. Maybe they were in a meeting. 

Sales dialers can help sales reps retry abandoned calls after some time has passed based on the result of the initial call attempt. They can be programmed with different retry strategies for different results, i.e a busy signal. Ultimately, a sales dialer won’t let you miss out on leads that could just be your next customer. 

3. Streamlined Prospecting

If we haven’t made it clear yet, your sales dialer should be integrated. Specifically, it can integrate with your lead management software, which can then help a sales team filter out blacklisted or inaccurate numbers. It can also help to streamline contact information, customer history, and lead data. This helps reps target the right leads at the right time, thus ensuring more closed deals. 

Additionally, when paired with a CRM platform, your sales dialer can manage each prospect and customer journey across the buying cycle. Your reps will be enabled to prioritize leads and initiate calls based on their priority level.

How Does Engage’s Sale Dialer Improve Sales Productivity?

Everyone knows that sales is a contact sport, and ZoomInfo Engage makes contact easier. Below is a list of how Engage’s sales dialer improves overall sales productivity

  • Prospect Prioritization: Engage creates lists that are based on email activity levels to make sure that your sales team can identify the most interested parties. 
  • Automatic Updates: Any good sales dialer should be able to integrate with your CRM software. That way, your team can spend more time selling and less time tracking activities. Engage will log each call for you and immediately add it to your CRM platform. 
  • Builds Dialing Lists: This feature is great for sales managers because they can quickly build out and assign call lists for their teams. 

Pre-recorded Voicemails: Pre-recorded voicemails save reps a ton of time because they don’t have to constantly repeat the same message every time they need to leave a voicemail. That way, they have more time to prospect.  

Are There Other Types of Sales Dialers, And Which One is Right For Me?

As with most technology, you have a wide breadth of options to choose from, and determining which one is best for you can seem daunting. But don’t worry. We’ve picked out a few of the most common sales dialers and outlined them below. 

  • Predictive Dialer (AI): If your goal is to make more calls, then a predictive dialer may be for you. This technology will dial multiple numbers at once, detect when a real human answers the phone, and immediately route that call to an available sales rep. It sounds crazy, but it works. 
  • Progressive/Power Dialer: Progressive dialers are quite similar to predictive dialers — the main difference being that progressive dialers place outbound calls only after the rep indicates their availability to handle the next call. When the sales rep is ready, the dialer initiates the outbound call after presenting information about it. 
  • Preview Dialer: A preview dialer is perhaps the simplest dialing mechanism, but is still useful for more complex sales. The preview dialer picks out a customer record from a call list and proposes it to a sales rep. It comes in handy when a little bit of research is required between calls in order to increase the chances of success. 

Dialers = Deals

By now I hope you’re convinced that sales dialers are worth your time, because they can save you lots of it.

From automatic dialing to creating segmented lists of contacts, they can kind of do it all. If sales success is measured in productivity, then why not integrate a technology that can automate so many of the small tasks that eat up your sales team’s time? 

And with ZoomInfo’s Engage tool, your team can make sales calls easier, faster, and more effective than ever before.