How ZoomInfo Engage Helps Accelerate Sales through Automation

Ask any sales rep, and they’ll tell you too much of their time is spent on non-selling activities, like manual data entry, looking up prospects in siloed systems, and pushing data around spreadsheets. 

You need a simple, scalable way to communicate with ideal buyers—minus the inefficiencies that often come with sales prospecting.

That’s why ZoomInfo created Engage, a sales engagement platform designed for smarter, more efficient prospecting and selling.

Engage helps sales teams automate sales communications. It bundles contact data, account data, real-time alerts, activity capture, task management, and more. Engage allows sales teams to:

  • Scale up sales activities
  • Connect with more prospects
  • Measure engagement
  • Determine which messaging drives results
  • Establish customer relationships beyond the initial deal

We sat down with a few of our sales representatives to learn how Engage makes prospecting easier, more efficient and targeted.

1. Seamless Communication

Sales reps can definitely multitask, but when it comes to communicating with hundreds of prospects, manual outreach can take its toll. In fact, HubSpot research shows salespeople spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects.

The other two-thirds of their day?

  • 21% writing emails.
  • 17% entering data.
  • 17% prospecting and researching leads.
  • 12% scheduling calls.

For our sales team, the immediate benefit of Engage is they can move seamlessly between different communication channels such as their email inbox and CRM, empowering them to respond to their prospect pool within seconds.

Sales reps can quickly build their own dialing lists, save time in their workflows by leaving pre-recorded voicemails, and—with the help of dialer analytics— prioritize calls based on the time of day prospects are most likely to answer.

With Engage, your sales reps are just one click away from knocking out dozens of calls at a time, and its auto-dialer feature (as seen below) allows you to set the interval between calls to catch your breath. This enables your sales reps to listen, respond, and deliver exactly what prospects need as they move through their buying journey

ZoomInfo Engage auto-dialer feature (below)


Engage users and managers can also create email templates to gain deeper insights into which messaging is most effective.

2. Competitive Integration

More than 80 percent of sales reps believe it is important to have a connected view of data across the entire customer journey, but only about half of all businesses have fully integrated systems.

Engage seamlessly integrates with your existing sales workflow, meaning you never have to leave the platform. You can send emails, make calls, and track call activity right from Engage (as seen in the platform below). That data then automatically feeds into your CRM so you have the most accurate view of prospects and customers.


“What sets Engage apart from other sales engagement platforms is the ability to have my prospects’ contact data combined with ZoomInfo’s greatest features all in one hub,” says Trevor Morris, strategic sales development representative at ZoomInfo.

With Engage’s Salesforce integration feature, you can:

  • See email activity and call notes from Engage in Salesforce
  • Set sync rules to prevent irrelevant leads and contacts in Engage 
  • Sync lead and contact data between Salesforce and Engage every five minutes to ensure you can quickly take action on new leads

“Add an integration with Salesforce and you have a powerhouse of a tool all in a single tech stack,” says Morris.

3. Instant Access to Key Sales Intelligence

ZoomInfo Engage’s real-time contact data and prospect insights drive better, more meaningful conversations.

For example, say we’re cold calling Prospect A, Liz. When I make the call, I have instant access to what’s new with Liz’s company, who her boss is, and what her team structure looks like (as seen below). This gives context to our sales reps.

By learning what unique attributes or technologies her company is currently using, we increase the chances of converting that call to a meeting.


“With access to ZoomInfo data and insights for the contacts on my call lists, I’m able to quickly understand the contact’s organizational structure, what’s new at their company, and what complementary or competitive solutions I can provide. This all happens without having to dig through different systems or needing to stop my autodialer,” explains  Gerry Vye, Senior Manager of Sales at ZoomInfo.

4. Real-Time View of Prospect Engagement

When you get to the client faster, you’re more likely to secure the sale.

“Our research and data show that from the moment of form fill, interest and engagement deteriorates with every minute that goes by,” says Scott Sutton, vice president of sales operations at ZoomInfo. “It’s a steep decline, so the faster you can get back to a prospect from the moment they show interest, the more likely you are to get the demo and the deal.”

That’s why Engage equips sales teams with a live feed of prospect activity right within the platform (see image below). Users can even opt-in to receive notifications when prospects engage with sales emails or content.


It can even offer up-to-the-second information that empowers you to interact with your customers when they are actively thinking about your solution. If your prospect opens your email or clicks on an attachment you shared—you’ll know it.

There are a few places where users can access this information:

  1. The live feed section
  2. Instant notifications within your app as these activities happen
  3. Email alerts that you can set up manually to suit your preference

You can even dig deeper and see engagement data from all your correspondence and calls. This information is located in the engagement tab, and the data ranges from when you last called all the way down to how many times your prospect opened your email. Want to see this in Salesforce? It’s in there too.

Not only do you have a full view of contacts you’re engaging with, but you can also add and replace unresponsive or unsubscribed contacts with ease using ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data

5. Managing Sales Workflows

A main benefit of Engage is that you can take these key functionalities and turn them into real results, including determining which campaigns work, finding out the best times to call, and viewing your team’s activity level. With real-time analytics and reporting, like the ones shown below, you can measure the effectiveness of each touchpoint and see the overall and individual effectiveness of your team.


“As a sales manager, I can build sales flows for the entire team and edit them in one simple interface. It’s really helpful to be able to clone these sales workflows, and it saves me lots of time and empowers my salespeople to do what they do best: sell” explains Morgan Anderson, platinum sales development representative manager at ZoomInfo.

Salesflows are multi-touch, omnichannel prospecting campaigns that include email, call tasks, and other activities. Engage automates the emails and provides reminders for the call tasks and other activities. This enables reps to more easily manage repeated communication attempts and have confidence that nothing is falling through the cracks. Furthermore, it eliminates tracking activities via spreadsheets.

Managers can also reap the benefits of powerful analytics and reporting. The platform gives sales leaders the ability to:

  • See which reps are performing better than others (conversations had, calls made, emails sent, etc.)
  • Understand which salesflows and email templates are performing best
  • Pinpoint what period of the day the most calls are being made and answered

Ready to Win More Business?

With Engage, you can scale and automate your sales outreach for smarter and efficient prospecting. Get the sales command center you need with real-time contact data and engagement analytics right at your fingertips.