Customer Survey: Faster Prospecting, Better Performance with ZoomInfo

For many sales professionals, today’s business environment is unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Broad economic and societal shifts — amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic and continued technological disruption — are resulting in longer sales cycles, more discerning buyers, intensifying competition, and lingering uncertainty. 

To better understand the challenges and opportunities facing our customers and their businesses, we surveyed thousands of ZoomInfo users. The results, published in ZoomInfo’s new Customer Impact Report, reveal how our platform helps customers solve some of today’s biggest business problems.

Top-Line Gains for Sales Teams 

One refrain we heard from our customers was the pressure to achieve more with less.

Whether through reduced headcount, smaller budgets, or both, many sales leaders are faced with achieving ambitious revenue targets with fewer resources. 

Our survey revealed that ZoomInfo is helping frontline sales teams realize significant revenue growth in virtually every industry, with 67% of sales leaders reporting immediate top-line revenue gains after implementing ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo helps sales development teams do more than just drive additional revenue – we help them make better use of their time and do more with less. Our Customer Impact Report revealed that on average, ZoomInfo customers are 63% more productive, highlighting the significant operational improvements ZoomInfo can offer today’s sales leaders and their teams.

Faster, More Effective Prospecting

As any sales leader can attest, selling in today’s market might be tougher than it has ever been.

Not only are sales cycles getting longer, and often involving more stakeholders, but buyers are also engaging salespeople much later in the process. Data from Korn Ferry indicates that as many as eight in 10 buyers only choose to engage with salespeople once their needs have been fully identified, which eliminates many of the opportunities that can surface during initial consultations.

As a result of this shift, efficient, cost-effective prospecting has become vital. With the average sales rep spending just one-third of their workweek actually selling, identifying buyers that have demonstrated strong purchasing intent at the right moment is a critical success factor.

According to our customers, ZoomInfo is helping sales professionals across nearly every sector use their time more effectively. The average sales development representative (SDR) was able to reduce the time they spent researching prospects by 50%, as well as more than double their email connect rates (from 9% to 20%) and email response rates (from 17% to 35%).

Higher Win Rates

Not so long ago, sales professionals had little insight into their prospects, from the challenges they face to their accurate contact information. Today, however, the problem has been reversed; there is so much data at sales professionals’ disposal that identifying high-value prospects has become that much more important.

ZoomInfo’s world-class platform is helping sales teams navigate today’s markets. Our report reveals that account executives (AEs) increased their average win rates by 48% after implementing ZoomInfo’s solutions

Better Data, Greater Alignment, More Productive Teams

As we gathered and analyzed the data in our Customer Impact Report, we learned a great deal about the challenges facing revenue professionals throughout nearly every industry and market sector. 

But beyond those challenges, we saw how resourceful our customers are — how they’re leveraging new technologies to solve their industries’ most urgent problems, and how driven they are to succeed.

The full ZoomInfo Customer Impact Report includes data on how sales teams use ZoomInfo to:

  • Achieve higher quota attainment
  • Increase customer retention
  • Cultivate stronger client relationships
  • Reduce marketing spend
  • Increase TAM
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Drive greater alignment between sales and marketing
  • Realize ambitious digital transformation initiatives
  • Attract and retain the best people

We’re excited to help more companies expand and grow into new markets, identify new ways of working more effectively, and innovate together. To learn more about how ZoomInfo is helping sales, marketing, and talent acquisition professionals hit their number, and how we can help you hit yours, download the 2023 ZoomInfo Customer Impact Report.