10 Things to Do When You Get Home From an Event

Professional events can generate loads of opportunities in a very short period. But it’s imperative to act fast so your warm leads don’t cool down. 

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most important post-event priorities to help you turn attendees into prospects and customers. Here’s what to focus on once you’re back in the office, and how ZoomInfo can help:  

1. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Interesting Accounts.

Set up news alerts in Salesforce for companies you connected with at the event to stay up-to-date on information that may help you land a deal.

2. Monitor Intent Spikes for Hot Topics.

Whether they’re talking about artificial intelligence, new marketing tools, or hiring initiatives, ZoomInfo Intent alerts can surface the companies showing the most interest — so you know who you should reach out to next.

3. Capitalize on Funding Scoops.

Met a rep from a company seeking investment? With ZoomInfo Scoops, you can track any funding news or announcements related to these companies.

4. Use Tracker to Follow Key Influencers. 

Get notified when decision-makers enter and exit your accounts so you can be proactive in your engagement with the right message at the right time.

5. Reach Out at the Right Time.

Use automated plays to track and follow up with the attendees who are most likely to convert — when they show intent spikes, visit your pricing page, raise a funding round, or move to a new company.

6. Notify Sales When a Prospect Visits. 

Don’t let good opportunities escape — create a play that can immediately trigger a Slack alert to the account owner when a prospect visits your pricing page.

7. Reduce Form Fields, Increase Conversions.

So you made a great impression, and people are visiting your website. The likelihood that they’ll fill out a form greatly increases with fewer fields. Using FormComplete lowers the barrier of entry while still capturing all the crucial data necessary to score and route them.

8. Align Sales & Marketing on Target Customers.

With a single click of ZoomInfo’s Aircover feature, sales reps can notify marketing that they want to start display ads, social media, and email campaigns targeted at specific high-value accounts. 

9. Follow-Up Emails to Stay Connected.

With the engagement capabilities in SalesOS, you can employ custom fields to tailor your messages so they seem personalized, even when sending at scale.

10. Import to Improve your Lead List.

Use RingLead List Import to upload, dedupe, enrich, normalize, match, and assign lead lists in a single step.

ZoomInfo’s modern GTM tools and industry-leading data make post-event follow-up a breeze. Ready to uncover insights, engage customers, and win faster? Start your free trial today.