Introducing ZoomInfo Recruiter (Now TalentOS)

Think about how long it takes to recruit a great passive candidate — someone who is currently employed and not necessarily looking for a new job.

They’re a needle in a haystack and you have to find them, reach out to them, actually get a hold of them — and then come the weeks (or months) of back and forth communication and persuading them to join your company.

Throughout the process you probably use a number of tools, including social media platforms, email, an applicant tracking system (ATS), a candidate relationship manager, a contact information finder, and more. It’s a fragmented and tedious process that can leave recruiters feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Until now.

Today we’re introducing ZoomInfo Recruiter, which enables recruiters to identify passive candidates, share information with their ATS, and automate communication through drip campaigns — all in one place.

ZoomInfo Recruiter shortens the time and cost to hire and makes recruiters’ workflows significantly smoother. It can work as a one-stop-shop or an excellent complementary tool to your existing tech stack. Here are four ways our new platform empowers recruiters to effectively and efficiently source top-tier passive candidates:

1. Filter for Your Perfect Candidate 

According to Gem’s Recruiting Trends Report, 58% of recruiters say finding quality candidates is a struggle. That’s because recruiters need candidates with very specific experience and skills depending on the role they’re looking to fill.

ZoomInfo Recruiter makes identifying good-fit candidates much easier with features such as:

  • Keywords. Type in keywords like “data analysis” or “enterprise” to find candidates with the right mix of skills and experience. 
  • Years of experience. Filter through candidates based on total years of professional experience. 
  • Technologies. Find candidates who are proficient in specific technologies, such as Salesforce or Python.
  • Job history. View a candidate’s job history and career experience.
  • Scoops. Set alerts so you’re immediately in the know when companies make layoffs, executive moves, IPOs, and other timely news that could affect when and where you focus your efforts.
  • Recommended similar companies. Easily find companies that are similar to ones you’re already looking at. 
  • Interactive org charts. Search company departments to visually uncover pockets of talent and understand how employees are grouped within an organization.
Figure 1: Filter by keywords or years of experience in ZoomInfo Recruiter.

ZoomInfo Recruiter makes it simple to plug in attributes such as location, industry, job function, and management level to find exactly who you’re looking for. With the click of a button, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of qualified candidates and their contact information. 

2. Gain Best-in-Class Contact Information

With over 100 million company profiles, 63 million direct dial phone numbers, 100 million direct emails, and 4.3 million C-level contacts, ZoomInfo Recruiter offers the breadth and accuracy you need to reach your next candidate. 

In today’s competitive landscape, business information isn’t enough. Having access to personal email addresses and mobile phone numbers allows you to skip the gatekeepers and reach candidates directly.

“It’s not usually good business practice to reach out to somebody at their work with a job offer,” says Jodi Marchewitz, an executive recruiter at ZoomInfo. “Reaching out to their personal line may make the candidate more comfortable and open to conversation.”

When you’re recruiting the crème de la crème — especially C-suite executives — you’re likely competing with other companies who are trying to poach the same candidates. Having accurate contact data at your fingertips gives you a leg up on the competition and allows you to take action immediately.

3. Integrate with Your ATS 

One of the primary benefits of ZoomInfo Recruiter is that everything you need is all in one platform (meaning you can close out your zillions of tabs!). This includes seamless integrations to ATS software, such as Bullhorn and JobDiva, so you can easily save and export lists of candidates and companies to enrich your data and keep your talent pipeline current.

“We’re making everything as easy as possible for recruiters,” says Andrew Erpelding, director of product marketing at ZoomInfo. “Once they’ve identified their list of candidates, they can export that list as a tearsheet to their ATS, allowing them to contact candidates faster and seamlessly.”

You can also easily export candidate data, including contact information, to Excel. From there, you can action it directly from the spreadsheet, share it with colleagues to review, or upload it in bulk to your ATS.

Figure 2: Candidate lists can be exported in ZoomInfo Recruiter.

4. Automate Engagement 

According to a Bullhorn survey, 40% of recruiters say sourcing is the most challenging part of the talent acquisition life cycle, yet only 39% currently automate any part of their sourcing efforts. 

Automating outreach enables recruiters to spend less time on mundane tasks and focus on identifying, vetting, and interviewing talent. ZoomInfo Recruiter comes with a ZoomInfo Engage license that allows you to automate your process, including the ability to: 

  • Build dialing lists 
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemails
  • Develop personalized, multi-touch email campaigns from a single interface
  • Find out who is responding to what — and when — with a live feed of delivered and opened emails

Through customizable templates with auto-fill capabilities (for elements such as name and job title), you can bulk-hit candidates for your initial outreach and subsequent follow-up emails. You can also set the cadence and frequency of these emails, such as an initial outreach sent on Monday and a follow-up sent on Friday.

And don’t worry: If a candidate responds, they’ll be immediately removed from the campaign so that you can send a personalized response in real time. 

Engage also provides insights into key performance indicators, such as reply and unsubscribe rates, to help you track campaign efficiency and determine where you may need to make improvements.

Screenshot of ZoomInfo Recruiter
Figure 3: Recruiters can review automated email campaign analytics.
Screenshot of ZoomInfo Recruiter
Figure 4: An automated email message is prepared for a list of candidates.

Recruit Better Candidates — Faster 

ZoomInfo Recruiter was carefully crafted to improve recruiters’ overall workflow and improve efficiencies in the passive candidate recruiting process. 

It provides you with all of the tools you need to find and source world-class passive candidates, including accurate contact information, customizable campaign templates, and in-depth performance metrics.

Updated May 2, 2022: ZoomInfo Recruiter is now ZoomInfo TalentOS.