Use org charts to identify hidden talent within company hierarchies

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Sometimes the right person for your role is hidden in the hierarchy of another company. Use the company’s organizational chart on ZoomInfo TalentOS to figure out where a likely passive candidate might be located. Org charts are useful when you’re trying to assess whether the candidate’s job title and role in their current organization align with the requirements defined in your ideal candidate job description. 


There are not enough qualified active candidates applying to the role and it’s necessary to look for passive candidates. 

You are actively interested in hiring candidates from companies within your industry. 


  • Use the ‘Quick Search’ bar to search for a company. 
  • Click into org charts from the company tab to see a bubble view of the different departments within the org.
  • View department groupings by clicking on a bubble to drill down into specific groups and teams.
  • Inspect individual groupings in either a bubble or list view.  
  • Drill down to specific sub-groupings.
  • View sub-grouping and the reporting structure at a glance in the hierarchy list view. 
  • Add passive candidates who might be ready to move up into managerial roles or even higher positions.