How To Use Company News to Find Candidates

Data-driven decision-making has become a key factor for modern businesses seeking new opportunities. For recruiters, that usually means narrowing down a flood of candidate profiles to find the right person for an available position.

For the savviest recruiters, however, that’s just the beginning. By also mining the latest news about changes in the employment market, recruiting professionals can begin to scout opportunities and candidates before they ever think of contacting a recruiter for help. 

As a recruiter, being able to answer nuanced questions about the employment market can provide a huge advantage in the recruiting process. Questions like:

  • Which companies are hiring, or struggling with hiring and/or employee retention? 
  • Which employers are restructuring their executive teams?
  • Which organizations are facing financial difficulties that might result in layoffs?

With ZoomInfo TalentOS, we’ve taken the research portion of the recruiting process to another level with a feature called Scoops.

What are TalentOS Scoops?

TalentOS Scoops feature provides recruiters with practical insights collected by our research team. Recruiters can apply Scoops to a candidate search, filtering for candidates at companies with news related to recruiting, people, organizations, and finance. Scoops are also accessible on company profiles for recruiters targeting hires by companies within a similar industry. 

Scoops provide recruiters a valuable opportunity when it comes to identifying candidates who may be open to new roles. We give recruiters a place to access data from our research team combined with publicly available news that can be used to identify candidates, and give recruiters a unique talking point during their initial candidate outreach,” says Lauren Hogan, senior product marketing manager for TalentOS. 

These key insights are presented alongside other highly contextual company information, such as location, technologies used, number of employees, and much more. Taken together, this data help identify which companies need recruiting services, and reveals candidates who might be right for an open role. 

Using ZoomInfo’s Scoops, recruiters are able to identify key pieces of recruiting, organizational, financial, and people-related intelligence at companies, such as:

  • Company and department layoffs 
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Trouble with recruitment
  • Trouble with employee retention
  • Facilities relocation or expansion
  • IPOs
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Executive moves
  • New hires 
  • Changes in management

Scoops can be used in tandem with other filters like company, industry, job title, and years of experience to identify candidates with the right background. There are also special filters such as the ‘Likely to Listen’ filter which marks candidates that are more likely to be open to a new role and the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ filter which helps you build a more diverse candidate pipeline. 

Scoops can also be used alongside organizational charts to pinpoint the specific companies and individuals that fit your requirements. Having this kind of information at your fingertips as a recruiter can help you get a foot in the door ahead of the competition. 

Use Scoops to identify passive candidates

According to HR Cloud, 73 percent of candidates are passive candidates — those who are not actively seeking new employment. This means that recruiters who don’t go after candidates that are currently in roles at other companies, are missing out on finding the best person for the job. 

Scoops can be used to identify candidates who have been affected by company changes, but haven’t had a chance to actively start looking yet — even though they probably realize they’re going to have to (or want to) find a new job and would be open to hearing from recruiters. 

“When seeking candidates at an executive level, any changes to the management in a team can shake things up. Not only can things change quickly at the top of an organization’s hierarchy, but also trickle down to employees at the lower levels.” Hogan says. 

Customizable options for a wide array of different recruiters

Not all recruiter needs are alike. Depending on the type of role you’re placing or the client you’re serving, Scoops can help you discover clients and candidates impacted by specific changes to their organization and teams. Here are some examples of how different recruiters might use Scoops. 

Agency recruiters 

Say you’re an agency recruiter specifically seeking clients that have a problem hiring and retaining employees. You could use Scoops to come up with a list of companies that are experiencing these problems. 

Start by creating a search for your ideal candidate persona based on job title, industry, experience, and other criteria.

Then, you would apply the ‘Scoops’ filter based on specific pain points, as follows:


Once the filter is applied, you get a list of companies impacted by these organization-related problems. 

You can then reach out to them with highly contextual messaging that presents your agency as the perfect solution to their needs. 

Internal recruiters 

An internal recruiter, trying to hire for multiple vacancies within a single department at their company, faces a different hurdle. In this case, Scoops can pinpoint similar companies within your industry that might be going through finance-related Scoops such as divestiture, IPOs, or M&As, which have the potential to cause employee displacement. 


You can then drill down to identify individuals who have the skills you are looking for in the other company’s corresponding team or department. 

From there, get in touch with these candidates working at other companies and introduce them to the roles you are hiring for, at scale. 

Executive recruiters 

Finding candidates with appropriate executive experience is one of the toughest jobs for any recruiter. You can apply the Scoops filter to identify which companies are specifically experiencing changes to their executive teams as follows: 


This provides you with a list of companies and candidates impacted by people-related Scoops. 

Executive recruiters are then able to act quickly, because they can monitor when a new executive is hired, leaves a company, or is affected by a change in management. 

Scoop up recruiting opportunities before the competition

Recruiting is a highly competitive business function that hasn’t seen much innovation in recent times. The next step in recruitment data is getting ahead of the curve when it comes to both identifying opportunities to provide recruiting services, as well as acting quickly to secure the best candidates for the roles you are placing. 

TalentOS Scoops feature is a creative recruiting tool that can supercharge your recruitment process by helping you develop well-thought out, strategic decisions using up-to-date business intelligence.