Accelerate Candidate Search with Advanced Smart Filters in TalentOS

Filling the top of a recruitment funnel is often the most labor-intensive part of a recruiter’s job. After considering all the active applications, recruiters also spend considerable time trying to figure out where highly coveted passive candidates are employed — and what might convince them to make a move. 

To help solve that problem, ZoomInfo TalentOS is now equipped with Advanced Smart Filters that allow recruiters to fine-tune their candidate search. Finding best-fit candidates with the TalentOS platform has never been easier or more data-driven. 

Smart Filters Enable Data-Driven Candidate Searches 

Say you’re a recruiter looking for candidates with a specific skill set at a competing company. With TalentOS, you can employ a variety of strategies to find best-fit candidates:

  • Build a list of candidates who work at companies with a low company culture score, provided by data from Comparably.
  • Assemble a set of candidates based on the maturity of their company or go after employees with startup experience. 
  • Find candidates based on “Likely to Listen” attributes, such as industry and company turnover, management experience, or specific skill set, the rate at which they change jobs, and even the growth rate at the company they work for. 
  • Search for skilled engineers based on their experience with front-end, back-end, or full-stack development. 
  • Sort candidates based on their university’s rankings. 

New Smart Filter Categories 

ZoomInfo TalentOS Smart Filters allow recruiters to layer their search parameters to tailor-make a pool of candidates.

1. Workplace Environment 

This filter category helps recruiters identify candidates in low-rated workplaces, as well as high-rated ones. Recruiters can layer additional filters to identify who might be ready to move to a better environment, and ensure that these candidates have the right skills required for the role. 

Available Filters: 

  • Low-Rated Workplace Environment 
  • High-Rated Workplace Environment

2. Corporate Experience

This filter category enables recruiters to build talent pools of candidates based on their work experience at bigger companies. 

Available Filters: 

  • Fortune 100–1,000
  • FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google)
  • Big 4 Accounting (Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young, KPMG)

3. Startup

This filter option can be used to identify candidates with specific startup experience. 

Available Filters: 

  • Founded in 2021–2017
  • Series A-C
  • Seed Funding
  • Private Equity Funding

4. Candidate Intelligence

This category of filters helps recruiters to find candidates based on highly relevant information about changes in their immediate work environment and industry. These individual attributes also add up to create the “Likely to Listen” score. 

Available Filters: 

  • High turnover at the management level
  • High turnover industry
  • Candidates who frequently change jobs
  • Works at a company with a low employee growth rate 

5. Top Technology Roles

Seek out qualified software engineers with specific types of development experience with this filter category. 

Available Filters: 

  • Full-Stack Engineer 
  • Front-End Engineering Experience
  • Back-End Engineering Experience

6. Education

Identify potential candidates based on a desired level of education using these filters. 

Available Filters: 

  • Top 10 University Graduate
  • Top 25 University Graduate 
  • Top 50 University Graduate 

7. Hospital Experience

This filter category can be used to identify candidates in the medical industry.

Available Filters: 

  • Emergency Medical Experience
  • Large Hospital Experience (500+ beds and employees) 

Smart Filters on TalentOS can transform the daily life of a recruiter by simplifying the search process. By using different filter combinations to dig deeply into the available talent pool, recruiters can put their data-driven candidate searches into high gear.