Pioneering the Use of AI for B2B Sales & Marketing

Every company has a sales and marketing function. To be successful, those teams need good data. That’s where the role of revenue operations comes in.

As the head of enterprise product and sales at ZoomInfo, I had the opportunity to speak with JP Valentine on The Alldus Podcast: AI in Action. We explored how ZoomInfo is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to solve one of the biggest problems facing revenue operations (RevOps) teams: access to reliable business data.

Quality insights powered by business natural language processing (NLP)

Obtaining and managing accurate information about 10 companies seems fairly straightforward. The job becomes much more complex when you try to look at 10,000 companies, not to mention 10 million. When you want to know nuanced details about each of these companies — like how their tech stack compares to others in their industry, or how various brands relate to each other in a corporate hierarchy structure — the task gets unimaginably harder.

Manual labor can’t possibly handle it all.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can deliver the scalable power needed to organize information. But consumer-oriented AI solutions aren’t enough for the scope and volume of intelligence required by B2B teams today.

Take Siri for example. When you ask for the weather report, you can expect a simple answer. But you probably wouldn’t expect a virtual assistant to assess the top predictive marketing companies in California. Answering that question requires considerable logic and a far more nuanced approach to evaluating companies.

Using our patented natural language processing (NLP), vast contributory network, and deep machine learning models, ZoomInfo is able to mimic how trained business professionals would evaluate company information at scale. By crawling the web, extracting relevant business information, and modeling it alongside other verified information, we provide the world’s most comprehensive set of high-quality business intelligence straight from the original source.

Best-in-Class DaaS for RevOps: Reliable data, in the right place, in real time

Having the best data is necessary, but if it’s not accessible with the right tools, then it’s all for naught. For many organizations, data management has become a time-consuming burden. Studies show that data scientists dedicate an estimated 45% of their time to manually scrubbing raw datasets and prepping them for import. Even with all this effort, teams still grapple with unreliable data in their records and dashboards, leading to missteps throughout their go-to-market strategy.

ZoomInfo’s DaaS solution — OperationsOS — is built to address these critical enterprise needs. Data as a service (DaaS) is a suite of products and services that automatically cleans, enriches, normalizes, de-duplicates, and unifies data sources together. DaaS serves revenue operations and IT teams focused on data acquisition, management, and orchestration.

OperationsOS helps these teams by simultaneously eliminating ineffective manual processes and vastly improving the quality of data. And it makes accessing the right data easy by integrating directly inside any tool, including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Google Cloud. This sophisticated end-to-end platform keeps information across every system aligned and standardized, while also actively preventing future quality problems. OperationsOS transforms your CRM from a system of record into a system of insight.

Near infinite use cases to explore

With modeling services, teams can surface insights that point to new sales and marketing opportunities, such as which accounts are your best fit, new markets to pursue, and additional customers to serve. With the world’s best business data reference set — across all company sizes, industries, countries, and customers — there are near-infinite uses to explore. The exciting future of ZoomInfo is an ecosystem of solutions built for today’s modern revenue operations teams.

To listen to the full podcast interview here: Alldus AI in Action Podcast.