Web Forms are Outdated. Here’s How to Fix Them

Websites and online experiences have undergone immense changes over the past 20 years, but one of the most important elements of any website remains virtually identical to its Web 1.0 predecessor: the humble form.

Web forms are one of the most valuable lead-generation tools at your disposal. Despite this, the web forms of today have not kept pace with broader changes in web design and online experiences. Many companies are leaving leads and revenue on the table by relying on a relic of a bygone age. 

ZoomInfo FormComplete changes all that.

The Problem of Too Many Fields

The more fields you include in a web form, the less likely someone is to fill out those fields and submit their information. Every additional field increases the likelihood that the visitor will abandon the form, and your sales reps and marketing teams will lose the information they need. 

Despite this risk, many sites still ask prospective leads for far too much information: job title, seniority, department, and other data.

What is FormComplete?

FormComplete gives website visitors a more streamlined experience with fewer fields, while still gathering the vital data you need for your go-to-market campaigns. FormComplete relies on the power of the ZoomInfo platform to provide you with rich data about prospects without asking visitors to tell you everything about themselves.

FormComplete can be configured to ask for as little information as possible —  just an email address. This single data point is often enough for FormComplete to provide the user with rich prospect data if that business email exists in the ZoomInfo database.  

Asking for only a visitor’s business email address — just a single form field — means a fast, seamless experience for site visitors, and a much higher conversion rate than a conventional web form. 

Form Complete users can specify certain fields, such as full name and job title, as mandatory fields, but those fields do not need to be displayed to site visitors. If that data exists in the ZoomInfo platform, it will be shown in the Results panel. Site visitors are asked to complete just one form field, and your reps get the information they need.

What If ZoomInfo Doesn’t Have That Data?

There may be times when ZoomInfo doesn’t have all the data you need for a specific prospect. In these scenarios, FormComplete dynamically adjusts the form to ask the user for additional needed information.

Let’s say a visitor inputs an email address that isn’t recognized in the ZoomInfo platform. When this happens, FormComplete presents the user with additional form fields to capture more information it can check — but only the bare minimum, to keep the likelihood of a conversion as high as possible. 

The more information ZoomInfo has on the back end, the fewer additional fields FormComplete will present to the user. In the vast majority of cases, because ZoomInfo has current, active data on hundreds of millions of business professionals, just a few additional form fields is enough for FormComplete to find the visitor’s information and present that data in the Results panel.

What about Abandoned Forms?

Even when asking for as little information as possible, there will still be instances in which visitors abandon a web form. Ordinarily, that data would be lost forever. With FormComplete, however, it can still be captured.

Even if visitors only complete a single field before abandoning the form  (such as navigating away from that page) FormComplete still captures the data entered by the user. This data can be accessed within ZoomInfo by navigating to the Abandoned data panel in FormComplete.

If ZoomInfo has data that matches the partial data entered into an abandoned form, that “lost lead” contact will be visible in the ZoomInfo platform. That data can then be exported as a CSV file, or used as the basis of a go-to-market motion using an advanced search across the ZoomInfo platform. This means fewer lost leads and more opportunities to hit your number.

More Data, Fewer Fields, Higher Conversion Rates

The world of sales is changing rapidly, and techniques that worked well in the past are simply no longer effective in today’s data-driven landscape. 

Don’t allow the investment you’ve made in driving traffic to your site to be wasted by lengthy, inefficient forms and abandoned data. FormComplete by ZoomInfo can help capture more data, offer a streamlined experience for your visitors, and increase conversion rates.

Try FormComplete today to see how ZoomInfo’s holistic approach to data can drive your go-to-market strategies and get more leads into your sales reps’ hands.