The Extra Mile: ZoomInfo reaches another privacy benchmark

Several months ago, we sought out some of the world’s top privacy experts and told them: Pick our policies apart and tell us what we can do better. 

TrustArc, a global provider of compliance solutions, spent months rigorously combing through our data privacy practices and procedures looking for weaknesses. As a result of that process, we recently attained a pair of important privacy validations: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Practices Validation and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Practices Validation, ensuring that our policies are in line with the strictest privacy regulations in the world.

These third-party validations from the industry authority on data privacy management provide an independent way to showcase GDPR and CCPA compliance to ZoomInfo’s customers, partners, and consumers and solidify the company’s standing as a privacy-forward organization. 

GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, constitutes the world’s strongest set of data protection rules, which sets strict guidelines for the collection and processing of personal data for people who live in the European Union. The regulations must be followed by all sites that attract European visitors and puts limits on what organizations can do with personal data. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives consumers in California additional data privacy protections and control over how businesses use their personal information.

Being a privacy-first company means committing resources to providing transparency about how we collect our professional contact data and upholding consumers’ rights to privacy. We go above and beyond to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed, standards in data compliance, protection, and security. 

In March, we announced that we expanded our privacy team by hiring experts in technical, legal, and regulatory privacy. In October 2020, we attained TrustArc’s TRUSTe Enterprise Privacy Certification Seal by demonstrating responsible data collection and processing practices for the data that populates our more than 120 million contact profiles.

While every business handles personal information to some degree – we’ve all given out our home address and phone number to have a new sofa delivered – ZoomInfo’s core business is built upon responsibly provisioning data to companies of all sizes. 

Privacy laws are important for protecting our personal identities and keeping our possessions secure. But with every nation and state government drafting them separately, they can quickly and unintentionally become overly burdensome for businesses.  

In the absence of a singular global regulation dictating the proper handling of personal information, it falls upon each business to ensure they are fulfilling their obligations toward the safe management of this data.

We’re confident in our privacy methods, and we take pride in providing the resources that lift our 20,000-plus customers to the forefront of privacy leadership within their industry.