Purchase review site intent data

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You can purchase intent data from review sites to identify prospects that are further along in the buying process and actively in the market for solutions. This “late stage” intent data provides visibility into who is researching in your category, your specific products, your competitors, and possible alternatives. Target prospects with an automated email campaign that outlines what makes your product a better alternative to competitors’ solutions.

Many review sites will identify a company but not the site visitors. To initiate a campaign against this limited information, enhance the data to identify buying committees at the interested companies.


• A potential customer took one of the following actions:

  • Viewed a relevant category page on a review site
  • Viewed your company profile on a review site
  • Viewed a competitor profile on a review site
  • Compared your product to another competitive solution on a review site


  • Initiate an automated email campaign outlining competitive differentiators