Book Meetings Instantly, Cut No-Shows with ZoomInfo Schedule

Every demand generation team shares the same goal: to create a pipeline for sales. And to create a pipeline, you have to book meetings — which is no small feat. 

According to RAIN Group Sales Training, it takes an average of eight touches to get an initial meeting with a new prospect. And the longer it takes to get a meeting on the books, the more likely you are to lose the opportunity altogether. 

The solution? Instant, automated scheduling. 

ZoomInfo Schedule, our advanced scheduling software, allows site visitors to book a meeting directly with the right sales rep. Now salespeople can cut the back-and-forth “does this time work for you?” and skip straight to the good part — selling.

How It Works

When a prospect indicates interest by submitting a form on your website, ZoomInfo Schedule automatically triggers a pop-up calendar that allows them to book the meeting right then and there.

Sales reps can take advantage of the Google Calendar and Outlook integrations to sync their calendars in Schedule, giving prospects visibility into available dates and times. The more sales reps who sync, the more calendar coverage there will be, helping ensure that inbound leads are fairly distributed among reps. And since this feature is always active, meetings can be scheduled around the clock — even when everyone else is clocked out.

In addition to a form-fill triggering the pop-up calendar, ZoomInfo Schedule allows you to create a shareable calendar link with routing capabilities for use in emails or other forms of communication with prospects. Once a meeting is booked, the program automatically creates an event in your CRM, sends a confirmation email, and adds the details to your leads’ and reps’ Google or Microsoft calendars. 

Fewer No-Shows

“We’ve seen a big reduction in no-shows with this technology,” says Lauren McHugh, senior product marketing manager at ZoomInfo. “By allowing the user to easily choose the date and time that’s most convenient for them, they’re much more likely to show up.”

As we know, B2B sales cycles can take months, so reducing the number of no-shows with this early step can accelerate the sales cycle. Not only does Schedule optimize web conversion, but it improves the customer experience. Plus, it streamlines the handoff of leads from marketing to sales, increasing alignment between the two teams and minimizing the risk of any human error.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Want to capture more meetings with less effort? Let your prospects and customers schedule a meeting immediately after filling out a form with ZoomInfo Schedule, a ZoomInfo Marketing product. Try it today.