Your website is your company’s calling card, and it’s critical that your marketing team optimizes it to drive success for your business. Whether you’re building a warm leads list or looking for fast conversions, there are steps you can take to improve performance today.

In fact, by using our own platform, the marketing team at ZoomInfo was able to:

  • Improve conversion rates from our online forms
  • Identify what companies were visiting our website and alert the sales team of their activity
  • Re-engage with visitors who did not convert on our website
  • Build look-alike audiences for marketing campaigns based on characteristics of companies that were converting on our website

Let’s take a deeper dive into the strategies that ZoomInfo used to optimize web performance and improve our overall marketing programs.

Increase leads by decreasing form fields

Creating forms that convert is both a science and an art. You need to understand your target buyers, what they are looking for, and what contact information they are willing to give up in exchange for a demo or an educational asset.

You need to balance your desire for a warm lead vs. their desire for information and find a strategy that works. We started by experimenting with the length of our forms and reduced our fields from eight to six. 

“We knew we would have better conversion rates with less form fields, but we weren’t willing to compromise the quality of our data,” said Tal Raz, Sr. Director of Marketing Operations at ZoomInfo. “An increase in leads is great for our sales team, but only if the leads contain the information necessary to get in contact with them as well as key information to help sales understand their goals, pain points, and role within their company.”

After seeing positive results with the initial reduction, the team moved from six to four fields and used the ZoomInfo FormComplete tool to seamlessly append missing information to the submitted leads. This strategy helped to significantly expand the quality, quantity, and depth of leads within the database without aggravating site visitors.

The result: ZoomInfo shortened website forms but still captured the same information.

Know who’s visiting your website

After our initial success with reducing the length of our forms, we decided to dig even deeper and find out what companies were visiting our website.

Once a visitor arrives on ZoomInfo’s site, the WebSights tool registers their IP address. Similar to the data coming in from web forms, this information is immediately pushed into the ZoomInfo platform, displaying essential company details to sales reps and showing a complete list of potential contacts at that business.

By knowing in-depth details about who visited our website, our sales and marketing teams were able to take the following actions:

  1. Sales and Customer Success alerts: With WebSights, we can easily alert our sales team about any website activity from their accounts. Our reps have at their disposal the frequency of website visits, the pages that account visited, a list of people to call at that account.  
  2. Automate retargeting campaigns: With WebSights, we discovered a great tool for marketing to website traffic that has not converted.  From emails to advertising, we can quickly re-engage with our site visitors to try to build a relationship and get them to convert.
  3. Find look-alike accounts. With WebSights we could see what kinds of companies were filling out our forms and what kinds of companies were not. Once we had a baseline of company attributes for the converting list, we could actively market to companies that were more likely to convert.

Results: Improved quality and quantity of leads

By optimizing our digital marketing efforts, the marketing team at ZoomInfo was able to increase our web conversions by 170%! 

We leveraged the ZoomInfo platform, specifically the FormComplete and WebSights tools, to do the following: 

  • We reduced web form fields without a decrease in important information from visitors. FormComplete fills in the gaps using our B2B intelligence database.
  • We identified common characteristics for companies who filled out our web forms and used that intelligence to identify look-alike companies to scale our campaigns.
  • We empowered the sales team with visibility around when their accounts were visiting our site and what pages they visited. The ZoomInfo platform suggested contacts at those accounts to reach out to using our B2B intelligence database.

By eliminating common website worries, like lengthy web forms, low to no visibility into traffic, and inaccurate data flowing into the sales funnel, we were able to improve the business value driven by our website.

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