• What is ZoomInfo Community Edition?

    ZoomInfo’s Community Edition brings together sales people who share their business contacts with the community to build a combined database of business information for business purposes. Members of the community enjoy free, ongoing access to ZoomInfo’s SalesOS platform.

    Community Edition works with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business. Join the ZoomInfo community today!

    Who can use ZoomInfo Community Edition?

    Anyone who uses a supported version of Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Business to send and receive business-related emails is eligible to join the ZoomInfo Community.

    By signing up for Community Edition, members agree to share their business contacts with the community. Through ZoomInfo’s cloud-based contributor technology, business contact information available in members’ contact books, email signatures, or email headers are shared. ZoomInfo’s privacy-enhancing technology never reads or saves the content of members’ emails. Instead, business contact information is screened from the member, enriched with ZoomInfo data, and shared with the community. 

    Sales people and recruiters find the ability to search for professionals by name, job title, and/or company to be most useful. Jobseekers can also make use of ZoomInfo Community Edition to find contacts within companies and industries where they would like to find a position.

    How will ZoomInfo Community Edition help me get business done faster?

    Community Edition members can search the entire ZoomInfo Database, which includes over 100 million businesses (from start-ups to the largest organizations in the world) and 200 million business professionals. You can also access contact information for a certain number of contacts each month.

    With the average cost for paid access to ZoomInfo’s SalesOS platform totaling more than $30,000 annually, companies that use Community Edition receive incredible value by gaining access to the same industry-leading revenue intelligence at no cost.

    What if I have more questions?

    Just shoot an email to zoominfohelp@zoominfo.com. We’ll get back to you within one business day!

  • What information do Community Members share?

    Community members share business contact information, the information a person would normally include on a business card: Name, Company, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number. Metadata such as IP addresses, dates that email messages are sent or received, and subject line information may also be shared. Emails sent to Community members from personal email addresses (such as those from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) are ignored. ZoomInfo’s cloud based contributor technology operates locally, and only business contact information and metadata is shared with ZoomInfo. The body of your email is never seen by ZoomInfo; in fact, it never leaves your email.

  • Will my contacts know ZoomInfo received their info from me?

    We send an email notification directly to each contact as they are added to our platform and inform them of their ability to opt out.

    How many business contacts does a member of the community share with ZoomInfo?

    On average, a community member shares approximately 20 net new contacts with the community. As our community grows, so does the data that our community members have access to.

  • Isn't sharing contacts a privacy violation?

    ZoomInfo takes privacy very seriously, which is why we provide notifications to each new contact shared with the community. We have also created an automated self-service privacy center so that anyone can opt out of our database at any time, regardless of region. Additionally, we do not collect any sensitive personal information from Community Edition users; simply business contact information of the type that hundreds of millions of business professionals share every day, online, on their business cards, and resumes.

  • Can I pick the contacts I want to share?

    No. When you join ZoomInfo Community, you agree to share all of the business contacts in your email, including names, business email addresses, job titles, company names, phone numbers, and business addresses found in email headers, email signatures, and contact books Personal contacts that are associated with ISPs and free email accounts will be ignored. If you would like to access the ZoomInfo platform without becoming a member of the community, consider a subscription to one of the packages on the ZoomInfo platform.

  • Does ZoomInfo read my email messages?

    Absolutely not. Our cloud-based contributor technology operates locally on your web browser and collects only business contact information from your contact book, email headers, and email signatures. All other information is excluded.

  • Why is ZoomInfo offering free access?

    We are on a mission to map the business landscape in near real time, and dramatically improve the quality of B2B information and we believe the only way to do that at scale is with a robust community of contributors. Join the ZoomInfo Community today.

  • How much does Community Edition cost?

    ZoomInfo Community Edition is absolutely free. As long as you are sending and receiving business emails through a supported version of Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Business and sharing your business contacts with ZoomInfo, you can access the ZoomInfo platform and the industry’s most powerful search tools for free.

  • Does ZoomInfo modify my address book?

    No. ZoomInfo creates and uses its own data structure and does not modify any of your information.

  • Can I get free access if I'm already a ZoomInfo subscriber?

    We’re sorry, but ZoomInfo Community Edition is only available to people who are not current or past ZoomInfo subscribers.

  • How do I sign in to Community Edition?

    We’ll send your ZoomInfo Community Edition username and password via email after you successfully provide access to your email account and start sharing your business contacts. Your login details will be sent to the email address connected with the Microsoft 365 or Google Apps for Business account you signed up withOnce you have your username and password, login here.

  • How do I unsubscribe from Community Edition?

    You can choose to deactivate your community membership by revoking access in the settings of your Google account. To do this, follow the instructions on the Google Accounts help section here and on Microsoft 365 here

  • How do I uninstall Contact Contributor?

    Contact Contributor > Uninstall.

    What happens when I uninstall Contact Contributor?

    When you uninstall the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor, you will lose access to the ZoomInfo Community. ZoomInfo will no longer have access to your business contacts once you uninstall the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor. However, you are not able to ‘unshare’ the information you had already shared up to that point, and ZoomInfo will retain that previously shared information.

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