About The Company

Zenoss works with the largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. As the global leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, the company provides complete visibility into their customers’ IT infrastructure environments.

Industry: Software, Information Technology

The Challenge

Zenoss provides clients with visibility into their physical, virtual, and cloud IT environments. But when it came to its sales and marketing database (CRM), Zenoss lacked critical lead/contact details and marketing source attribution.

As the new Marketing leader started to investigate further, it was quickly revealed that lead processes and workflow rules were inconsistent and not integrated well at the account, contact, or lead level. Market intelligence data was nearly unusable, full of gaps, duplicate records, and out-of-date information – all the usual calling-cards of bad data. Unable to build out the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy it was planning, Zenoss called ZoomInfo.

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, Zenoss instantly received access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence.

“It was an exciting conversation with our sales team who had craved this type of information for months and now had immediate access to it; ZoomInfo had instant credibility within the collective teams,” says Megan Lueders, Vice President of Marketing at Zenoss.

The enterprise software company not only got the best data in the world, but the support and training to use it effectively. “From the beginning ZoomInfo was committed to our success and jumped at the opportunity to onboard our global sales and marketing teams. What could have taken months to achieve that level of adoption took a few hours, and we knew we had a partner for life,” says Lueders. “ZoomInfo values the customer and we experienced that first hand.”

From the beginning ZoomInfo was committed to our success and jumped at the opportunity to onboard our global sales and marketing teams.

Megan Lueders,
VP of Marketing at Zenoss

The Results

As Zenoss embarked upon their ABM efforts, they relied heavily on ZoomInfo to append their targeted 2,000 accounts with contact and account level insights. Zenoss attacked the target accounts confidently knowing they had accuracy of their data, which helped them connect to the right people, every time.“It’s one of the most trusted tools in our sales and marketing team’s arsenal,” Lueders says. “ZoomInfo proves itself every month and every quarter.”

With its sales and marketing teams now operating in alignment, Zenoss is executing a highly effective ABM strategy, targeting multiple key decision-makers and stakeholders within each account. The organizational clarity and understanding Zenoss gets from ZoomInfo’s data empowers teams to map the hierarchy of each account and connect with exactly who they need to, to get deals done. “ZoomInfo has been instrumental in helping us build our ABM strategy,” says Lueders.

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