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WalkMe is revolutionizing the way thousands of the world’s leading brands improve workplace technology adoption and deliver next-generation customer experiences with its industry-leading Digital Adoption Platform.

Industry: Digital Adoption & Training

The Challenge

WalkMe understands working smarter, not harder. Its award-winning platform is designed to empower organizations to transform the user experience in today’s overwhelming digital world.

WalkMe had a roadblock, though. Because of the sophisticated nature of its product and the enterprise-level size of its targets, it needed to understand how decisions are made at these accounts and how stakeholders are connected within the buying chain. “When a company, who acquired WalkMe for their CRM, achieves a high level of user adoption and saves on training efforts and human errors, we want to be there to connect the right individuals in other departments and empower them to reach their goals and realize the value of their software investments and product initiatives,” explains Yehuda Berkowitz, Manager of Global Outbound Demand at WalkMe.

But with account data that was frequently incomplete or nonexistent at worst, and unreliable or out-of-date at best, the WalkMe team was wasting hours each day in a losing battle against tedious account research.

Ready for a crash-course of its own in smarter data, WalkMe enrolled ZoomInfo.

The Solution

In order to deliver the kind of in-depth, granular, high-quality organizational data WalkMe needed, ZoomIfno unlocked access to not only the world’s most accurate, reliable, and up-to-date prospecting data in existence, but also the detailed org charts, sophisticated search and targeting tools, and customizable alerts and triggers to help WalkMe expand it’s digital adoption platform on more enterprise software within an organization.

“We sell enterprise software to sophisticated organizations; we need to figure out who are the right stakeholders, how decisions are made, and who we want to partner with,” explains Berkowitz. “We wanted a solution that could help us unlock this information more efficiently.”

Thanks to its deeply customizable search parameters, ZoomInfo allows WalkMe to search for the lead qualifying criteria that its sales teams want to know: industry, size, technology owned, known buying initiatives, hyper-granular job roles, and more: all just a single instant search away.

“The data from ZoomInfo is priceless,” Berkowitz says.

The Results

Well, maybe more than priceless. The ZoomInfo platform drives value to the WalkMe team in two key ways. The team is saving time on account research, around 1 hour a day, which means they have more time to prospect into more accounts. And the team is more effective in scheduling with the accounts they’re working, supporting a 10% increase in appointments booked, thanks to better data on the organization and org chart.

“I can’t imagine a world where we aren’t using ZoomInfo anymore,” says Berkowitz. “ZoomInfo makes finding the right people, at the right levels, in the right industries accessible at the click of a button.”

ZoomInfo makes finding the right people, at the right levels, in the right industries accessible at the click of a button.

Yehuda Berkowitz
Manager of Global Outbound Demand at WalkMe

Now, WalkMe is prospecting efficiently and with confidence, and seizing every possible opportunity in the market.

That’s making your data work smarter. That’s ZoomInfo.

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