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Powered by FleetAssist®, TTN Fleet Solutions has managed 1 million+ breakdowns for fleets in the trucking industry. TTN has 80,000+ vendor network covering the U.S. & Canada 24/7, 365 days a year.

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TTN Fleet Solutions Q&A

Let’s Jump Right In. What Business Challenges Led You To Invest In Zoominfo?

Redmond: At TTN Fleet Solutions, I was tasked with building the sales and marketing teams, from the ground up. The first major challenge we faced was finding accurate account and contact information for companies in the trucking industry. We evaluated a number of data providers but kept running into instances where the data was outdated and unreliable. As a result, when our sales reps were able to make connects, they were being bounced from department to department asking, “who oversees your fleet maintenance?”. Our sales team was wasting their time and losing confidence.

When Evaluating Different Data Providers, What Was Your Impression Of Zoominfo?

Redmond: Within the first few minutes of exploring the platform, I knew ZoomInfo had the power to help grow our business and conquer our goals. During my free trial, I searched for specific trucking companies that weren’t household names, these were companies we’ve had a hard time finding information on in the past. With ZoomInfo, I was able to accurately locate decision makers for these accounts and also gain an understanding of the company hierarchy for each of the accounts.

I also searched for contacts within our own company to better assess the accuracy of ZoomInfo’s data. We had just updated our email domain, so I figured this would be a good test to see how often the data is updated. What I found amazed me. All the titles for our employees were correct, and the respective emails contained updated domains. ZoomInfo even had accurate titles, email addresses and phone numbers for our new hires. And, as a bonus, the cell phones listed for myself and my CEO were correct. It takes a lot to impress me but ZoomInfo was unlike any data provider I had worked with in the past—ZoomInfo checked all of the boxes.

How Has Zoominfo Helped Your Sales Team Achieve Their Objectives And Meet Their Goals?

Redmond: With ZoomInfo, we’re able to narrow down our target market and then identify the key personas within those accounts; this turns a cold call into a “purposed call”. Beyond the direct dials and email addresses, ZoomInfo provides us with information that allows us to be much more confident and personalized in our outreach. The psyche of a sales person is delicate, and ZoomInfo has provided real value in helping our sales reps stabilize their days. Rather than being rejected or told they’ve contacted the wrong person or department, they are making connections with the right people and having engaging and valuable conversations.

What Results Have You Seen Since Implementing ZoomInfo?

Redmond: In the first few months of using ZoomInfo, we not only increased the number of meetings booked by over 61%, but we’ve shortened our sales cycle from 22 to 13 days. With qualified contact leads fueling our sales team, we’re projecting a 35% increase in sales revenue this year—and that’s largely impart to ZoomInfo.

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