About The Company

The Embassy of Canada, Washington, D.C.

Industry: Government Services

The Challenge

Finding profiles on US decision makers that are accurate and contain more than a basic directory listing

Ruth Currier helps Canadian companies connect with potential business partners in the United States. As senior program assistant at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C., she manages the embassy’s information center. Currier handles numerous requests from Canadian businesses wishing to establish partnerships, strategic alliances and joint ventures with U.S. companies and contractors.

Not new to the business data landscape, she began a thorough bake off among eight leading business information providers. Most vendors passed muster for profiles on companies, but they gave her no help with details on people working at those companies.

“That was so frustrating. Prospecting is about reaching a decision maker. Other providers had skeletal contact data that was really just fluff – it looked as if it had been pulled from the yellow pages,” Currier said, “and it was largely outdated. We needed correct details about people to create targeted prospects for our clients.”

The Solution

ZoomInfo’s “beyond the business card” profiles and advanced search tools won out

The outcome of Currier’s rigorous research was that only ZoomInfo’s robust prospecting tool, ZoomInfo Pro, provided in-depth and accurate information on not just companies, but the much needed layers of decision makers working at many levels within organizations.

Since using ZoomInfo Pro, she hasn’t looked back. “ZoomInfo is fabulous,” she said. “The ability to narrowly search specifics about people is fantastic. Nobody else provides anything close to this level of filtering.”

Currier lauds the usability of ZoomInfo’s advanced search tool that includes more than 20 different criteria. With every request she fulfills, she is able to show her Canadian business clients the exact right contact and the companies that are a perfect match. She said the clients are floored with the depth of information and how easy it makes their mission of creating business development and commerce relationships.

The Results

ZoomInfo overtakes the Embassy

What began as a single license many years ago has expanded. ZoomInfo is now available to the Embassy’s Public Affairs division and two consulates in the United States. “If that doesn’t speak to the value of ZoomInfo’s data, I don’t know what will!” Currier said. Her successful evangelization is proof of the quality of ZoomInfo’s B2B data and the ease-of-use of ZoomInfo Pro.

She measures success by the positive feedback.

Canadian companies give her about the connections they make with U.S. enterprises. “My clients are delighted to receive a qualified list of contacts that have the correct title, a phone number and an email address, thus allowing our clients to easily contact a perspective customer,” explained Currier.

What Ruth Currier loves about ZoomInfo is the data: “ZoomInfo is the only database that collects correct data on people – vital information on professional backgrounds, educations, board memberships and so much more. Anything public about a person is included: It’s a captured biography that’s in the moment, and knowing details – like if they attended a Canadian university or college – is even better.”

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