About The Company

Symbl.ai is an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform that provides real-time analysis of voice calls, video conversations, emails, transcriptions, and messages to automatically surface powerful insights—contextually, without any upfront training.

Industry: Computer Software

The Challenge

As Symbl.ai went to market with its conversational intelligence platform for the first time, the stakes were high. The early-stage, venture-backed startup was launching a product that would empower customers to generate insights from voice or text conversations. Simultaneously, it aimed to establish an entirely new technology category: conversational intelligence as a service.

The company was targeting technical buyers across sales enablement, CRM, and collaboration products—and new categories coming post pandemic—with the goal of making collaboration effortless. But sales reps at Symbl.ai knew this challenge all too well—they were dealing with their own sales and marketing tech stack that was too cumbersome to toggle between, which greatly impacted productivity. The systems didn’t talk to each other, leaving reps with the task of repetitive, manual data entry, detracting from valuable selling time. Less time selling meant less time getting their solution in front of potential customers.

When the company decided to fuel further growth, CEO Surbhi Rathore, knew that consolidating and streamlining sales processes as part of their evolving go-to-market strategy would be pivotal to their ability to communicate value to this emerging market at scale.

“As a startup, making an impact in new markets especially during the pandemic was a great opportunity for us,” says Rathore. “We needed a solution to arm our lean sales team to quickly test and experiment with new markets that would free up our salespeople to focus more on growth.”

The Solution

With a lean sales team, it was critical that Symbl.ai could quickly identify an all-in-one platform that would be easy to use and that could seamlessly integrate with the rest of their tech stack.

After evaluating sales acceleration tools, it was clear that ZoomInfo Engage would not only meet their top requirements, but it would also seamlessly combine phone, email, and CRM activities in a single tool, giving their team an unprecedented ability to connect directly with buyers, measure and track prospect engagement, automate salesflows, and sell smarter and more efficiently—with real-time analytics and insights on demand.

We had used a handful of sales intelligence tools in the past, but none compared to the coverage and quality we found with ZoomInfo

Vikram Modgil
Head of Growth at Symbl.ai

“ZoomInfo arms us with scalable and actionable go-to-market intelligence to help us reach the right people at exactly the right time.”

With Engage, the Symbl.ai team zeroed in on the Salesflows feature, which allowed them to automate prospecting and create multi-touch sales cadences to increase the speed and efficiency of their sales process. Reps could also quickly create tasks within Engage to ensure that no buyer interactions would fall through the cracks.

“The real-time notifications for when prospects engage with our email campaigns have been extremely helpful,” says Modgil. “Being able to see who is opening emails and what links they are clicking on has allowed us to optimize our campaigns.”

Engage enabled Symbl.ai to cut down on the number of tools they were using on a daily basis so they could spend more time engaging with prospects and less time researching. It also gave them greater confidence in the quality and coverage of their data (i.e., a single source of truth), leading to improved sales interactions and conversations.


Soon after deploying Engage, Symbl.ai began to see game-changing results. They completely eliminated manual data entry, instead leveraging Engage’s emails to automate outreach and streamline the sales process. These advantages led to nearly a 50 percent increase in sales productivity.

Aligning with its goal of continuous customer discovery, testing, and validating new markets, the startup used ZoomInfo’s robust search filters to target new personas. On top of that, Engage’s real-time insights—including Org Charts, Scoops (updates on breaking news), and technology data—maximized the effectiveness of each touchpoint, leading to better sales conversations and ultimately, more closed-won business.

Now, in one convenient location, reps can access all the information they need to be confident and prepared to make meaningful connections with prospects. Reps are now reaching key decision-makers 4x faster and have increased the number of sales demos by 50 percent.

“ZoomInfo Engage helped us boost sales productivity by 50 percent—something that would’ve never been possible without the automation, depth and breadth of data, and support they provide,” says Rathore.

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