About The Company

Snapdocs is a real estate technology company that helps participants in a real estate closing work together better through integration and automation.

The Challenge

Why is ZoomInfo the best B2B intelligence tool in the market?

When Maria Pougiles-Posey joined Snapdocs as their new Sales Development Manager, she immediately recognized how necessary it would be for her team of sales reps to bring a sales intelligence database into their tech stack. “I thought, ‘This is going to make our lives hell if we don’t have something like this,’” she reflected.

Using a list of about 40 contacts, Maria then set out to find the best B2B intelligence tool in the market by testing the enrichment capabilities of multiple platforms. The results, she found, were fairly straightforward: “The quality, quantity, and depth of ZoomInfo’s data was simply unparalleled.”

“While I did like some of the workflow elements in LeadIQ, they just didn’t have the data” Maria said, “at the end of the day, it’s the data that matters most to me, and ZoomInfo came out as the clear winner.”

The Solution

How ZoomInfo functions serves as the most critical part of Snapdocs’ outbound sales strategy

As a real estate technology company that is working to digitize the the mortgage closing process, the sales team at Snapdocs does not have it easy, because, as Maria says, they are working in “a completely new line of business. Breaking into new accounts, having those conversations, and closing deals would be next to impossible without having a solid data source like ZoomInfo to rely on.”

As we start to target these accounts more and more, a lot of the SDR’s will just go straight to ZoomInfo to do their prospecting.

Maria Pougiles-Posey,
Sales Development Manager, Snapdocs

When Maria’s sales reps first started using ZoomInfo, they primarily referred to it as a resource for direct dials and email addresses that matched up with prospects they found within Salesforce or LinkedIn. Over time, though, their use of ZoomInfo has evolved into a one-stop-shop for prospecting. “As we start to target these accounts more and more, a lot of the SDR’s will just go straight to ZoomInfo to do their prospecting,” said Maria. “Running searches in the platform using keywords has been an incredibly effective technique for finding contacts and accounts that match our ICP.”

The Results

While its data has always been accurate and actionable, ZoomInfo continues to grow and improve.

In reflecting on her time at Snapdocs—as well as the company that she worked for prior to Snapdocs, which also used ZoomInfo—Maria feels confident the platform and the data that ZoomInfo offers “just gets better and better with time.”

“ZoomInfo has always offered accurate and actionable data,” she continued. “And not only does the data continue to improve, but ZoomInfo continues to release new features and integrations that only make our lives easier,” Maria continued.

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