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Saddle Creek Logistics specializes in designing and delivering Omni-channel logistics solutions for manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce companies.

Industry: Logistics

The Challenge

During their initial search, Saddle Creek Logistics was seeking a data provider who could help segment their targeted industries – primarily manufacturing, retail, and ecommerce fields. The sales team relied on connecting to those in these industries to cultivate meaningful connections. “It’s important for us to touch the right people with the right email addresses – especially during our reach out process,” explained Nelson Colon, Sales and Marketing Representative at Saddle Creek Logistics.

Efforts to improve the team’s account-based selling approach came to a standstill. The culprit? What else but ineffective data. Moreover, since the team’s current data solution didn’t integrate well with Salesforce, time was lost on manual upkeep. At this point, the team decided to shift over to ZoomInfo’s B2B contact platform.

The Solution

Since ZoomInfo’s implementation, Saddle Creek’s prospecting process has reached a heightened efficiency. Business development representatives (within the company) typically collect their lists from a variety of conferences and networking events. After collecting this information, they are now able to take those list and search for prospects within the ZoomInfo platform – something that used to be a dead end for the team. “When we have a list compiled from events, we typically look for the industries we’re targeted, and then go after them with the information,” said Colon.

The Results

Aside from forging meaningful connections, the team has found use in getting certified by ZoomInfo University. More specifically, this has helped the business development team improve their workflow and increase their platform knowledge. “ZoomInfo University has been very good and helpful, and personally, I would consider myself to be a ZoomInfo “power user” after completing all of the courses,” Colon stated.

With ZoomInfo, things just keep getting better and better in terms of data. We haven’t had any issues thus far, and that makes us all very happy!

Nelson Colon,
Sales and Marketing Representative, Saddle Creek Logistics

The sales team has been impressed with the continued cleanliness of ZoomInfo’s data. Overall, they have found it’s helped their day-to-day sales processes improve on a weekly basis. “With ZoomInfo, things just keep getting better and better in terms of data. We haven’t had any issues thus far, and that makes us all very happy!”

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