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Radius helps companies expand and win globally. Clients from startups to larger multinationals take advantage of Radius’ international accounting, finance, banking, tax, HR, legal and compliance support to simplify their core operations, reduce their risk exposure and improve the management and control of their overseas businesses.

Industry: Managed Services

The Challenge

Radius was ramping up its sales and marketing activity and couldn’t afford to waste time or resources when searching for contact data for their sales prospecting and marketing efforts.

Prior to working with ZoomInfo, the sales and marketing teams at Radius spent significant time vetting contact information to enable prospecting with potential customers. Often they were working with incomplete or inaccurate contact data leading to email bounces and barriers to connecting with the decision makers at the prospect accounts. They used a variety of different sources, but no one solution provided the accurate data needed to grow their revenue. That’s when Dwight Griesman, CMO at Radius, knew it was time to look for another solution to bridge the gaps.

“The sales and marketing teams were investing their time manually researching contact information on prospects and using other data providers which didn’t provide completely accurate contact information and that made it challenging to reach and engage our prospects.” – Dwight Griesman, CMO, Radius.

The Solution

The sales & marketing teams used ZoomInfo’s accurate contact data to improve their sales prospecting and marketing efforts.

After partnering with ZoomInfo, Radius gained access to accurate and actionable contact data to fuel their sales pipeline and marketing funnel. ZoomInfo’s integration with their Salesforce.com CRM allowed Radius to create a seamless workflow for both the sales and marketing teams.

Because of this integration, Radius was able to conduct off cycle research, source the information, and upload it directly into their CRM, as opposed to keeping track in a spreadsheet and manually uploading it. The integration also helped Radius enhance the accuracy of their contact database, improving both sales and marketing productivity and driving better revenue results.

“ZoomInfo’s Salesforce.com integration and overall contact information quality were deciding factors for us,” stated Griesman. “The integration allowed us to streamline processes in sales and marketing and the stronger more accurate contact data helped us improve our contact database and see better results from our prospecting efforts.”

The Results

Access to ZoomInfo’s accurate contact data increased sales and marketing productivity by 10%, enabled higher call frequencies, drove pipeline growth, and helped the sales team reach their quotas.

ZoomInfo’s accurate contact data saved the sales and marketing teams a significant amount of time. With access to direct dial phone numbers and emails in their target accounts, Radius streamlined their sales and marketing processes and integrated ZoomInfo within their CRM. Additionally, ZoomInfo enabled Radius broader access within their prospect accounts, leading to richer engagements with decision makers and influencers. Everything came down to data accuracy for them. The combination of arming their teams with accurate contact data, ZoomInfo’s integration with Salesforce.com, and the ability to process and check contact information more efficiently helped Radius increase productivity by over 10% and achieve higher call frequencies.

Without ZoomInfo we’d be spending far more time researching this information and updating our CRM manually. As a result, we’ve been able to increase our pipeline and drive revenue growth for Radius.

Dwight Griesman,
CMO, Radius

“Radius preferred ZoomInfo’s solution over the competition’s,” explained Griesman. “The accurate and actionable contact data ZoomInfo provides helps our sales and marketing teams improve campaign results and outreach efforts. Without ZoomInfo we’d be spending far more time researching this information and updating our CRM manually. As a result, we’ve been able to increase our pipeline and drive revenue growth for Radius.”

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