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Pendo is a product success platform that provides companies with in-depth analytics and user feedback in order to measure and improve the customer experience.

Industry: Information Technology

The Challenge

Pendo wanted to scale sales’ outreach efforts, but “guess & check” prospecting was inefficient and ineffective.

Prior to partnering with ZoomInfo, the sales team at Pendo was using manual prospecting processes. To identify and engage potential customers, reps would piecemeal combinations of web and LinkedIn searches in hopes of finding relevant contact and background information. Chas Scarantino, Pendo’s Vice President of Sales, realized it was time for a change within their sales process.

“Before ZoomInfo, we did a lot of our prospecting through broad web searches, as well as searching on LinkedIn,” explained Scarantino. “Often, when reps would call a contact, they’d run into roadblocks such as gatekeepers or having the wrong number. This was negatively impacting our connect rate and efficiency.”

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, Pendo could scale their entire prospecting process with accurate contact data.

To assess different vendors, Pendo sent a list of prospects to various data providers to test which would bring the most accurate and complete contact information. When the results were in, it was clear that ZoomInfo beat out the competition.

Scarantino was impressed by how ZoomInfo’s solution could help sales at every stage of the prospecting cycle and ultimately scale success. Even better, ZoomInfo’s Salesforce plug-in makes all prospecting tools and information available directly in Pendo’s CRM.

“ZoomInfo’s accurate contact information and integration with Salesforce.com are the main reasons we chose to partner with them,” stated Scarantino. “The team can now reach decision makers much faster with accurate direct dial phone numbers at their fingertips.”

The Results

The sales team at Pendo increased prospecting efficiency by 300%.

ZoomInfo’s implementation was so successful, it redefined Pendo’s KPI benchmarks. With access to ZoomInfo’s accurate contact information and Salesforce.com integration, Scarantino raised the bar.

“Not only has ZoomInfo helped us increase our efficiency and connect rates, we can now target more companies daily,” said Scarantino. “Before partnering with ZoomInfo we had a goal of reaching out to a number of companies per day. Because of ZoomInfo, we’ve increased that goal by three times, allowing us to reach more targeted contacts and close more deals.”

Before partnering with ZoomInfo, we had a goal of reaching out to a number of companies per day. Because of ZoomInfo, we’ve increased that goal by three times.

Chas Scarantino
VP of Sales, Pendo
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