About The Company

New Horizons, a Des Moines, Iowa-based computer learning company, designs, executes, and delivers industry-leading technical IT training that provides the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications in the world.

Industry: IT Training & Education

The Challenge

New Horizons Des Moines has been connecting the right students to the right opportunities for years. The Iowa computer learning center helps students, IT professionals, and corporate employers access the technical training, certification, and education they need to accomplish their mission and meet their goals.

But when it came to the farming and hunting of demand generation, New Horizons Des Moines was facing a learning curve. From endless hours scouring LinkedIn and wasted days chasing “ghost employees” that had either changed positions or moved companies altogether, it was ready for a crash course in smarter sales prospecting.

Looking for a better way to bring world-class IT training to more organizations around the globe, New Horizons turned to ZoomInfo.

The Solution

New Horizons Des Moines franchise didn’t have hours to waste every day manually searching source after source for data, then trying to analyze and make sense of it all. With a small staff, it needed one source of truth that it could trust and swiftly act on. It needed ZoomInfo.

“I was spending tons of time prospecting and researching; I used to live on LinkedIn for hours a day,” says Michael Anderson, Sales Manager at New Horizons. “I was even doing it on the weekends while I watched basketball. I needed accurate info on the initial call before I dialed, or else it would be a waste. ZoomInfo gives me that; I have my weekends back now!”

That confidence and freedom is thanks to ZoomInfo, who provided New Horizons with access to the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date prospecting data in existence. Now, Anderson’s team has all the account and market information they need in one easy-to-use place.

With reliable, detailed Org Charts from ZoomInfo, New Horizons maps their outreach smarter, engaging both the key decision makers themselves as well as their immediate circles of influence, winning buy-in from their teams before the conversation even reaches their desk.

And, combined with automatic alerts that notify New Horizons of relevant information on their target accounts, Anderson can seize every opportunity and has a key to open every door.

“Now, I can get on the phone and sell,” he says.

The Results

And making those calls couldn’t be simpler thanks to ZoomInfo’s integration with Tellwise. With the power of ZoomInfo’s direct dial data and the ease of Tellwise’s VoIP functionality, New Horizons can seamlessly execute entire campaigns from one page.

“I call directly from ZoomInfo. It allows me to capture my notes, put people into workflows, and track their interest as they engage,” says Anderson. “I can connect with 50 more people a day now. I’m a battalion! A one-man army!”

For Anderson and New Horizons Des Moines, the results speak for themselves. He estimates he saves two full days of productivity each week, making 50 additional connections per day and 5 additional appointments set per week.

“ZoomInfo has doubled our lead pool, absolutely,” Anderson says.

I needed accurate info on the initial call before I dialed, or else it would be a waste. ZoomInfo gives me that.

Michael Anderson
Sales Manager, New Horizons
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