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netFactor Corporation provides a suite of products to drive new levels of sales performance from Internet marketing for the B2B market.

Industry: Online marketing

The Challenge

Finding highly targeted, reliable prospect contact data

netFactor wanted to scale their email marketing strategy. In order to do, they needed a solution to help identify and connect with qualified contacts. “Some data providers claim to provide lists based on typical fields like revenues, titles, etc.,” said Bryan Poss, netFactor’s Senior Marketing Director. “But too often what they provide isn’t targeted enough.”

“And that’s not all,” Poss continued, “Our bounce rates got as high as 50 percent with some of these lists. We can’t afford to use junk data because sending messages to too many invalid addresses can get us blacklisted.” netFactor also needed reliable details on engaged prospects that would give their sales teams a competitive advantage during follow-up. “Salespeople frequently found that that phone numbers, job titles and other important information was incorrect. We needed better quality all around.”

The Solution

ZoomInfo’s contact & account database

netFactor began using ZoomInfo to build prospect lists and help salespeople prepare for sales calls. Poss said he likes being able to control exactly who gets added to a mailing list. “I love the ZoomInfo user interface,” Poss said. “It’s so easy to do an advanced search and narrow down a list to very specific targets.”

And ZoomInfo proved to be valuable to the sales staff, as well. “The more information a salesperson can get on a prospect, the higher the chance of success,” Poss explained. “ZoomInfo is a powerful solution that arms a sales force with all the detailed information needed to call a prospect.”

The Results

Fewer bounces, more sales – a universe of highly responsive prospects

Using data from ZoomInfo, netFactor’s email bounce rates dropped to just 3.5 percent, easing Poss’ concerns about damaging his company’s email reputation. Even better, he also discovered that the prospects from ZoomInfo’s business data were highly responsive. She measures success by the positive feedback.

“We saw a 10 percent increase in the open rates, click-through rates jumped to three times what we received before using ZoomInfo data. The solution helped us increase our close rate by 15 percent,” he said. “That’s a direct result of superior clickthrough rates with ZoomInfo data,” Poss explained. “If prospects click on a link back to our website, we can almost always schedule a product demonstration with them.”

netFactor’s salespeople, explained Poss, have become addicted to ZoomInfo: They make more contacts per day and they’re well prepared for calls because they use the deep background information in ZoomInfo’s profiles before they call prospects. “ZoomInfo’s business data is the best I have ever used,” Poss concluded. “We do a lot of email campaigns and none performed as well as the ones that use ZoomInfo.”

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