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Namely is the leading end-to-end HR and payroll platform for growing companies. Their offerings include payroll, benefits administration, performance management, and human capital management.

Industry: Technology

The Challenge

The sales cycle was taking too long due to inaccurate data from other providers

The sales team at Namely was tasked with manually searching LinkedIn and working with inaccurate data they purchased from other data providers to acquire contact information at their target companies. Once they realized their current process was costing them time and money, Chris Flores, Inside Sales Manager at Namely, decided to test ZoomInfo.

“We used other data providers for the first three months of using ZoomInfo so we could compare the accuracy of the data, and ZoomInfo was by far the best. ZoomInfo’s data is superior to the competition and is accurate 90% of the time,” explained Flores. “We moved away from the other data providers because the phone numbers and contact information was inaccurate the majority of the time.”

The Solution

The sales team used ZoomInfo’s data to avoid roadblocks and quickly reach decision makers

With ZoomInfo’s data and Salesforce integration, Namely was able to check the accuracy of the information in their database, which ensured the sales team wasn’t wasting their time calling contacts with bad phone numbers, reaching gatekeepers, or emailing people at companies who no longer worked there. Avoiding the roadblocks led to a shorter sales cycle and increased revenue.

“ZoomInfo is a big part of our sales process,” said Flores. “When we reach out to contacts and they don’t respond, we use ZoomInfo to look for decision makers at their respective companies. We also use ZoomInfo to verify the contact information we already have, ensuring we’re not wasting time calling bad phone numbers or emailing out of date addresses.”

The Results

Access to ZoomInfo’s direct dial phone numbers and email addresses empowered Namely’s sales team to work more efficiently

With access to on demand, accurate contact information, Namely’s sales team was able to spend more time selling and less time researching. They were also able to increase their contact acquisition velocity by 250% since partnering with ZoomInfo. Namely has found ZoomInfo to be a vital investment because of this.

ZoomInfo’s data is superior to the competition and is accurate 90% of the time.

Chris Flores, Inside Sales Manager at Namely

“Back when we first implemented ZoomInfo, I couldn’t find the contact information for a decision maker I was trying to reach. After trying to guess the right email format and using free sites with no luck, I turned to ZoomInfo. I found the contact information I needed right away and quickly booked a demo, which led to closing the deal much faster,” stated Flores. “Timing is everything. If I didn’t reach out to that prospect when I did, he could have signed a contract with a competitor.”

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