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Linkage helps companies cultivate leaders through a suite of strategic consulting, management training and executive coaching services. Linkage also hosts some of the country’s premiere summits and forums devoted to current topics in human resources (HR), organizational development, leadership, management and executive development.

Industry: Organizational Development

The Challenge

Finding comprehensive information on prospects

When Pierre Bouchard, director of sales, started his new job at Linkage, one of the first things he set out to do was maximize his sales team’s use of electronic communication. Linkage already had a CRM for managing contacts, but drumming up participants for the company’s leadership conferences meant Bouchard would have to find a way to reach out to the right people.

Linkage events focus on providing tools, strategies and practical steps that help organizations develop leadership talent. For its conferences, Bouchard needed to target a wide range of titles in the HR function. “We wanted to reach a very specific set of professionals,” said Bouchard. “For example, we need to reach leadership practitioners, training and development professionals and people in the organization who focus on diversity and inclusion — not just anyone with ‘HR’ in their title.”

To get to them, Bouchard needed much more than a search of job titles. He needed to search across comprehensive profiles, including Web references, to narrow the list and help sales reps customize their approaches to the prospects.

The Solution

ZoomInfo Pro enables searching across detailed profiles

With ZoomInfo Pro, Linkage could search across a universe of HR-related titles as well as data that other list providers didn’t offer. ZoomInfo Pro includes 10 years of Web and media references for each profile — which helped the Linkage team further identify and target new prospects.

“ZoomInfo Pro has good overviews, and then it lets us drill down into the titles. We could break out HR as a solid starting point and then look at people in the organization with leadership titles,” Bouchard said.

The Results

Successful sales strategies and more responses

ZoomInfo Pro’s in-depth information cut sales costs by allowing the team to look for indicators that a client might have an interest in its services. Team members could then identify a contact within the organization.

“Our sales reps have started using the ZoomInfo profiles daily as a starting point before contacting companies. And we’ve also used the data for direct marketing campaigns, which resulted in a higher number of responses,” said Bouchard.

The level of detail we get from ZoomInfo’s data gives us a better understanding of a client’s organizational structure — which helps us create successful sales strategies geared toward them. That’s what makes ZoomInfo a vital daily tool.

Pierre Bouchard, Director of Sales, Linkage

Even better, the list was easily integrated with Linkage’s CRM, so existing contacts could be refined and updated with current information — maximizing the data’s impact and helping the company reduce its sales cycle and costs.

“The level of detail we get from ZoomInfo’s data gives us a better understanding of clients’ organizational structure — which helps us create successful sales strategies geared toward them,” said Bouchard. “That’s what makes ZoomInfo a vital daily tool.”

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