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Goldstar Global identifies talent for clients – and is finding new customers — in Asia, South America and Europe. Companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-up ventures have gained speed, efficiency and cost savings by having this Omaha, Neb. Recruiting firm handle executive staffing for information technology, engineering, finance and sales/marketing. The company has experts who go far beyond the usual databases of resumes to find “passive candidates” who might get overlooked.

Industry: Executive Recruiting

The Challenge

Expanding while serving all clients

It isn’t easy balancing longer-term business development goals with delivering personal attention and ongoing service. For GoldStar Global, international growth in executive search meant reaching farther away for clients while maintaining the attention to detail that has consistently won business for more than a decade. Identifying overseas partners while finding talented people to recruit are difficult tasks to achieve simultaneously. But the challenging work got easier when the company chose technology that supported both big-picture business objectives and day-to-day work.

The Solution

Apply ZoomInfo data to build new relationships and simplify workflow

Applying ZoomInfo data to various projects delivered strong return on investment — the kind of payoff in sales, new relationships and simplified workflow that makes companies successful. The results gave the company the freedom to explore a unique venture: an initiative to help job seekers re-entering the work world after military service, extended maternity leave or other circumstances. “This kind of outreach to the people who need help wouldn’t be possible unless the company was thriving,” Andersen said. “There’s a benefit to our company reputation, and it’s a way for us to easily find people — who might never become a client — using ZoomInfo tools.”

The Results

Discovered hidden candidates and new clients

One example that Andersen points to as a high point was a 2008 search for a senior geo-technical engineer. Using ZoomInfo, GoldStar Global identified 50 similar engineers who weren’t listed on company Web sites. The client hired an engineer GoldStar Global found via ZoomInfo — one it would not have found otherwise — resulting in a $20,000 commission.“Not only did ZoomInfo pay for itself, we created additional value with in-house benefits and business development that keep paying dividends.” Andersen adds.

In a world where customer care is lacking, ZoomInfo excels. We did thorough investigation and comparison of technologies prior to agreeing to a contract, we found them a good choice at the beginning of our relationship and even a better one since.

Richard Andersen, Senior Managing Partner &
CEO, GoldStar Global
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