About The Company

Geopointe is a geo-location application available on the Salesforce AppExchange, which allows customers to gain spatial insights via maps and apply geography to business processes.

Industry: Internet

The Challenge

Geopointe struggled to find reliable data to support a healthy database for sales and marketing.

Their sales team was spending too much time looking for the right contacts and direct phone numbers to complement their existing database. In addition, their marketing team needed reliable data to create more targeted, personalized campaigns. Once they realized their current process was costing them time and money, Geopointe explored over 10 technologies to help reach their targeted accounts more efficiently.

While evaluating prospecting solutions, Geopointe focused on completeness of the data. “We were interested in direct dials and found that ZoomInfo not only had the most number of accounts, but also the most amount of direct dials” says Will Dhanasunthorn, Head of Sales Development, at Geopointe.

The Solution

With more complete information, Geopointe could increase their sales productivity and efficiency.

Using ZoomInfo, the sales reps were able to spend less time prospecting and more time on the phones. “With over 80% of the contacts having direct dials, ZoomInfo has helped our sales productivity and empowered our reps to reach out to more leads than ever before” stated Dhanasunthorn.

ZoomInfo not only made prospecting easier, it also gave Geopointe the tools required to reach their target accounts and supercharge their account-based marketing strategy. The marketing team uses ZoomInfo to create highly targeted nurture campaigns to generate qualified leads that are then quickly followed up on by sales.

“Every day I hear someone say ‘I love ZoomInfo’ from down the hall!” commented Dhanasunthorn. “ZoomInfo is already making a huge difference for our organization, both for our sales and marketing teams.”

The Results

With ZoomInfo, Geopointe was able to reach 75% more new leads per day.

Within the first few months of using ZoomInfo, Geopointe saw clear improvement in their sales productivity, making twice as many calls every day. With this lift in calls, Geopointe also experienced a 75% increase in the number of new leads they were able to reach per day. “ZoomInfo is a game-changer we could never be without in the future,” says Dhanasunthorn. ZoomInfo has helped Geopointe increase efficiency by cutting the database management process in half.

ZoomInfo is a game-changer we could never be without in the future.

Will Dhanasunthorn,
Head of Sales Development, Geopointe

Along with having the most accurate, up-todate information, the tool is extremely easy to use. Geopointe found this transformed their entire onboarding process, saved significant ramp up time, and made new hires confident from the start. “ZoomInfo was the most user friendly tool we found, which allowed our teams to jump right in and use the tool immediately,” stated Dhanasunthorn.

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