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FRONTLINE Selling is the only provider of enterprise-class, sales acceleration solutions that drive game-changing increases in revenue. The company’s flagship product, Staccato, snaps seamlessly into Salesforce.com, instantly creating a multitouch prospecting platform, allowing sales organizations unprecedented optics into the sales pipeline.

Industry: Software Development and Design

The Challenge

Due to the growing challenge of accessing and creating targeted account profiles, FRONTLINE sought to pivot their approach toward account-based marketing (ABM).

Often acting as a third-party contractor for business development work across different industries, the company wanted to evaluate data vendors who could provide account and contact coverage across an array of verticals, including sales, marketing, and finance.

Ultimately, following a thorough analysis, ZoomInfo’s data proved to deliver the highest attention to detail and accuracy, satiating FRONTLINE’s data requirement by marrying the best of both worlds – quality and quantity.

The Solution

ZoomInfo’s data platform significantly improved FRONTLINE’s existing database and supported a healthy and robust data strategy for sales and marketing. Using ZoomInfo, FRONTLINE was able to quickly and easily find contacts within their contact and account territories.

“I knew ZoomInfo was a game-changer once I learned how much more contact coverage their database contained at accounts we were targeting,” explained Nick Aiello, Master Demand Creation Executive at FRONTLINE. “The difference was astounding.

I knew ZoomInfo was a game-changer once I learned how much more contact coverage their database contained at accounts we were targeting.

Nick Aiello,
Master Demand Creation Executive at FRONTLINE

Compared to our previous data provider, ZoomInfo was able to provide 700% more contacts.”

The accessibility of ZoomInfo’s rich breadth of account and contact information produced a larger volume of net new accounts to be injected per week, enabling FRONTLINE’s reps to spend less time qualifying and researching targeted prospects.

The Results

The results speak for themselves. In its evaluation of ZoomInfo, FRONTLINE saw improvements across every key performance indicator (KPI) they tracked within their sales cycle. Chief among them: number of contacts worked per meetings set. FRONTLINE typically targets a 50:1 ratio for contacts worked per meeting set. With ZoomInfo, that ratio shrunk by over 20% to 40:1.

The boost in sales productivity is attributed to ZoomInfo’s. accurate contact and account data, which Aiello says was 93.6% accurate – considerably higher than other providers he evaluated in the marketplace.

“ZoomInfo made it easy to penetrate the C-suite and go around gatekeepers,” Aiello explained. “The emotional boost gained from confidence in the data led to our reps reporting being well-prepared to conduct outreach and felt familiar with the internal workings of their key accounts. I like to say, they acted like they’ve been there before.”

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