About The Company

Cumulus Global designs and deploys secure cloud solutions while partnering with Microsoft, Google, and other vendors to match customers with the right technologies.

The Challenge

As a company that designs and deploys cloud technology for small to mid-size businesses, Cumulus Global is committed to improving the technological infrastructure of its customers. To help achieve this goal, the company’s sales and marketing teams must try to understand customer infrastructures as best they can. This challenge, according to CEO Allen Falcon, was what led Cumulus Global to become a customer of Datanyze (which was acquired by ZoomInfo in 2018).

“Datanyze’s technographics feature,” Allen explained, “had become integral to us, because it gave us insight into our prospects’ overall environment and technical sophistication. It lets our sales team walk into conversations informed and with insights.” Consequently, when it came time for them to migrate to ZoomInfo, the team at Cumulus Global was—as most teams are—slightly apprehensive of leaving behind a tool they had grew to know so well for a new, unfamiliar platform.

The Solution

“To keep the momentum going, we needed to move to ZoomInfo as quickly and easily as possible. ZoomInfo didn’t disappoint; not only did the migration process take just a couple hours, but we were able to immediately access more of the right data,” said Falcon.

In transitioning over from Datanyze, the high quality and depth of ZoomInfo’s data, coupled with the technographics, were not the only things Allen was pleasantly surprised by; he also found that the entire migration process was startlingly simple and quick. “For us, it was, ‘Here are your credentials, log in, we’ll walk you through it, and you’re off and running,’” he said.

Similarly, the change management that followed—which Allen had expected to be time-consuming and arduous—turned out to be equally as smooth. “I have no doubt that if I was, in that first week, doing an outbound campaign, I would have been able to do the research and build my lists and manage the campaign without any trouble,” he reflected.

Lead Validation Time Enjoys an ‘Impressive’ Decline

After Allen and his team underwent a successful migration, the good news just kept on coming: ZoomInfo increased the company’s overall sales productivity by 5% and call-to-connect rate by 10%, and decreased email bounce rates from 15% to under 1%.

Moreover, the platform provided sales reps with a much higher volume of direct dials and email addresses than they had anticipated, which helped them shorten web forms and also bypass gatekeepers in exchange for decision-makers. “What’s most impressive,” Allen said, “is that it’s cut our lead validation time by 80%.”

Having technographic information is amazing. This insight allows us to know what technologies a company is using, so we can walk into conversations with prospects much better informed.

Allen Falon,
CEO, Cumulus Logic

Ultimately, Allen and the rest of the team at Cumulus Global found that not only did ZoomInfo contain all their favorite features from Datanyze, but it was also home to a variety of supplementary features and data points that would change the approach of the sales team.

“Initially, we looked at this like, ‘This is Datanyze plus,’” Allen explained. “But the fact is, there’s a lot more in there, as far as flagging accounts, finding out where they are in the sales process, doing research for account-based management and account-based marketing… Yeah, the data’s high quality. But it’s really all about the capabilities and the workflows you can use it in, which seem endless.”

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